Strike against pension reform, school uniform and polluted rivers: the information to remember this afternoon

The info not to miss

After the announcements, comes the scold. Several unions call for a strike this Thursday to counter the pension reform project presented this Tuesday by Prime Minister Élisabeth Borneand which promotes a legal retirement age of 64, instead of 62.

Among the unions already mobilized, the CGT union of the oil branch is planning strikes on January 19 and 26, as well as February 6 with, “if necessary, the shutdown of refining facilities”, according to a press release issued by Éric Sellini, national union coordinator for TotalEnergies.

The call will lead to “decreases in flow” and stoppages in the shipment of fuels, specified Éric Sellini, a few months later. the vast mobilization for a salary increase which took place in refineries and oil depots, having caused major fuel supply difficulties in France. In response, the Prime Minister respected the “right to demonstrate” of employees, but considered that it was also “important not to penalize the French”.

Thursday is likely to be marked by other such calls. At the end of the morning, the inter-union civil servants of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced the filing of a strike notice to join the national movement of January 19. A “first” for the group, which expects a strong mobilization among “the most modest and intermediate agents”.

At the CFDT, France’s leading trade union, Laurent Berger strongly criticized the government which minimized mobilization in the face of the reform. “I believe that Olivier Véran does not have the right sensors in the world of work. What I can tell you is that it causes a lot of anger, and a lot of resentment, ”said the leader on France Culture.

What else to remember

  • New debate on the uniform at school. While the National Rally will defend a text proposing the obligation of a uniform at school, the First Lady Brigitte Macron is also in favor of such a measure – “with a simple and not sad outfit” , she says to the readers of Le Parisien. The Minister of Public Accounts, Gabriel Attal, also considers that this is a “real debate”.
  • Attack at the Gare du Nord: the suspect in custody. The man who injured six people on Wednesday morning in the Paris train station was taken into custody for attempted murder. In his twenties, he had attacked several people with a metal hook, “for no apparent reason at this stage”.
  • Death of Morgan Keane: suspended prison sentence for the two hunters. Prosecuted for manslaughter, the author of the shooting received a two-year suspended prison sentence and a ban on hunting for life, after killing the Franco-British Morgan Keane while he was chopping wood at his home in a village in the Lot. The director of the hunt was given an 18-month suspended prison sentence and the withdrawal of his hunting license for five years.

it concerns you

They are everywhere in our rivers. Quantities of perfluorinated compounds (also called PFAS), used in particular in the manufacture of non-stick pans, food packaging and stain-resistant coatings, were found in the waters of almost all French departments in 2020. This is enough to worry the environmental association Future Generations, which believes that their presence is “greatly underestimated” and calls for their ban.

These components are considered dangerous by the association: likely to accumulate in the body of fish, they can also contaminate humans. “Several scientific studies have associated exposure to a certain number of PFAS with adverse health effects: cancer, impacts on the reproductive and hormonal system as well as on the immune system”, underlines François Veillerette, spokesperson for association.

Strike against pension reform, school uniform and polluted rivers: the information to remember this afternoon