She was expected, expected. Then she finally came.

The twenty students (mainly female students) find their marks, little by little, on the Cobalt site.

The recruitment of these students was late on Parcoursup, the time for all the structures to coordinate to give the green light to this new offer in Nevers.

“We still had 80 requests. For a first year, it’s rather positive »

“We still had 80 requests”, advances the director, Cécile Huiban, “for a first year, it’s rather positive. Especially since the training was only in the complementary phase on Parcoursup”. This school is private and costs €7,400 per year, over three years.

Recruitment was based on grades in classes (especially in science subjects) in first and final year, but also on “the background and motivation” of future students.

The only training of this type in Burgundy

The objective of this training (the only one in Burgundy, like that of occupational therapist) is to “build the loyalty of young people, future graduates, in the territory”.

To do this, the IPMR will offer internships (which are compulsory) in the department, so that young people can start to create their network.

“In the first year, the courses take place in nurseries and nursery schools and focus on the development of the child”, continues the director.

premium The Region validates psychomotrician training in Nevers

The students will have a lot of personal work to hand in. “They must also have a big involvement on the psychological side”, specifies Cécile Huiban, “they must be well in their head and in their body”.

This training is done in three years. Some subjects are common to occupational therapist and physiotherapist studies.

On these three sectors, the IPMR calls on 80 to 90 external contributors, coming from very diverse branches.

Laura Brunet

Studies – First term in Nevers for the psychomotricity school