The AgroParisTech engineering school takes legal action after revelations about rapes

The AgroParisTech engineering school said on Tuesday that it had taken legal action after an internal survey of its students reported 17 cases of rape and dozens of sexual assaults among its students.

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This survey, conducted in December by the Sexuality Awareness and Information Unit (Cassis), a student association, among the school’s entire student community (970 students, from first year to doctorate) , draws up a balance sheet alarming “, according to this cell.

Out of 566 complete responses, 526 cases of discriminatory behavior or remarks or remarks with a sexual connotation (without physical contact) were identified. 141 respondents declared having been victims of sexual assault and 17 of rape (in 16 cases women and one case a person who declared himself to be “non-binary”).

The scale of this violence is intolerable “, told AFP Laurent Buisson, the director general ofAgroParisTechwho said he had received the final report from the student cell on Sunday, and had ” signed a letter to the public prosecutor yesterday (Monday, editor’s note) “.

76% of victims are women

For the period covered by this investigation, that is to say the last four promotions, we already knew that there had been cases. There had been two referrals to the disciplinary section, with sanctions, and reports to the public prosecutor. But there, what we took the measure of is the number of cases that were not reported to us “, he added.

In total, 76% of situations of sexual violence with physical contact were suffered by women, and 58.8% were perpetrated by men.

Beyond the important work undertaken since 2019 “, the school will ” deploy an action plan at the start of the school year “, declared Laurent Buisson. ” We will seek to have external referents at the school, we will seek partnerships with associations or service providers “, especially for ” Ensure attendance at festive events and conduct annual surveys “, he added.

“Essential work”

It is a matter of transferring most of the responsibility for these actions from the student cell to the establishment. This unit has carried out essential work in close collaboration with the administration and the school’s system for combating SGBV (sexist and sexual violence, editor’s note) but its members have shown us that the burden weighing on them was too heavy. “, specified the director of AgroParisTech.

Justice has recently opened several investigations into accusations of sexual violence within prestigious schools.

In April, a preliminary investigation for rape and sexual assault was opened by the Evry prosecution following an internal questionnaire from the Polytechnic school revealing the extent of these facts within the establishment.

In October, another investigation was opened after revelations targeting CentraleSupélec. An internal study had reported a hundred acts of sexual harassment, sexual assault or rape during the university year.

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