The Attorney General’s Office investigates the cause of a possible allergy outbreak in students of a public school in Cartagena

Last Tuesday, September 13, a possible allergy outbreak was reported in a group of students in the afternoon session at the Educational Institution July 20. Immediately, they informed the Secretary of District Education (SED).

The preliminary report indicated that there was no intoxication. for the intake of the food provided in the snack to the girls and boys of the educational institution. However, what is speculated is that the outbreak occurred as a result of contact with a fruit.

The peach that accompanied that day the rations of the School Food Plan (PAE), apparently it would have been the cause of the outbreak on the skin of 122 third and fifth grade elementary school studentssome of them had to be taken to health centers.

Faced with this situation, the Attorney General’s Office asked the Cartagena Mayor’s Office to deliver a detailed report with the actions taken as a result of the emergency. Said request was made by the 10 Family Judicial Prosecutor, of the Delegate for the Defense of the Rights of Children, Adolescents, the Family and Womenwho also required the measures that the administration has taken to regulate and optimize the PAE.

Likewise, when the Mayor’s Office has the results of the investigation carried out on the foods that apparently caused the allergy, it must submit a report with the causes.

Poisoning or allergy?

The Secretary of District Education explained that the boys and girls benefited from this program did not eat the fruit, according to the version given by the rector of the Educational Institution, Jhony Luna Guerrero.

This same food ration was consumed by the students in the morning session and did not cause any adverse symptoms in their health.

In addition, they clarified that the reaction caused in the children was not due to the ingestion of the food but to the physical contact that the children had with the fruit.

The case in the public eye

On the other hand, the Secretariat, consequently, advances the investigations of the case and develops the protection and welfare protocols for the students of the educational establishment. Also, ordered investigation for configuration of a case of violation of the right to privacy of girls and boys for the publication of photos of school students on social networks.

It is unknown how and who took photos, images or videos of the affected students and which were later published, this being a violation of the protection of minors.

The Secretary of Education, Olga Acosta Amel, also requested a detailed report on the situation that occurred in the school establishment and ordered the appropriate measures to be taken.

After several months of encouraging the population to get vaccinated, on September 12 the District reported that it reached 44% in the application of booster doses. Which means the lifting of the use of masks in closed places.

One of the most notorious questions was whether the restriction is also lifted in educational establishments, whether basic or higher. Given this, The Ministry of Education recommends that only those students who present symptoms of a respiratory disease use the mask.

Likewise, although the goal of coverage in the application of reinforcement doses has been reached, which allows the mask to be eliminated in closed places, Dadis recalls that the use of mask is still mandatory in:

  • People older than two years in health institutions, geriatric homes, in public transport, mass transit stations, air, land, sea and river transport terminals, regardless of the progress of vaccination.
  • The surgical mask should be used permanently in people with comorbidities that generate immunosuppression, especially transplants, cancer, HIV, among others, with respiratory conditions, as well as in unvaccinated people and when visiting newborn children, older adults and people with comorbidities.

The Attorney General’s Office investigates the cause of a possible allergy outbreak in students of a public school in Cartagena