The Board and the College of Pharmacists are studying a solution for the closure of night shifts in Tera and Vidriales

For this first of January, it was planned that the pharmacies of the Basic Health Zones “Tera” and “Vidriales” would close their doors to the night emergency services in the time slot from 10 p.m. to 10 a.m., according to previewed exclusively Benavente Digital last Saturday.

However, the reactions of the mayors of the affected municipalities, 44 localities in total, have not been long in coming and a meeting has already been called for January 3 between the territorial delegate of the Board and the president of the College of Pharmacists of Zamora, in order to analyze the drastic initiative adopted by the collegiate body at the request of some rural pharmacies with the argument that opening at those hours “does not compensate them financially”, as this medium has been able to learn.

The disposition of the Junta de Castilla y León in the matter is very clear, although the decision is adopted in the College of Pharmacists, the regulations of pharmaceutical care throughout the Community are regulated by the Order of March 2, 1998 of the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare, with the adaptations to the demographic reality in Law 13/2001, of December 20, on Pharmaceutical Regulation and, later, Order SAN/744/2015, of September 7. According to current regulations, all pharmacies are obliged to participate in emergency services in order to guarantee continuous pharmaceutical care for the population.

For small municipalities, article 6.B states that emergency services will be organized for each of the Basic Health Zones, so that there are at least:
1.– A pharmacy office in the Daytime Emergency Service and a pharmacy office in the Nighttime Emergency Service in each Basic Health Zone. 2.– When in one of these Zones, there is a municipality with a population of more than 5,000 inhabitants and a public Health Center that has an emergency service, if there is more than one pharmacy in the municipality, the emergency service will be covered in turn rotating among the pharmacies of that municipality.

This is not the case of the Basic Health Zones of the Valleys, in which all the municipalities have less than 1,000 inhabitants.

Exceptionally in those Zones or municipalities that due to their own characteristics so advise, prior reasoned resolution of the General Director responsible for Pharmaceutical Management, may include in the organization of the shifts of the emergency service, pharmacies of another
Basic Health Zone, whose distance to the public Health Center that has an emergency service is not greater than 20 minutes, for the daytime emergency service and 30 minutes for the nighttime emergency service, using usual means of transport.

In the latter case would be the Tera and Vidriales pharmacies, whose users would have to travel to Mombuey or Benavente if the problem that would affect the residents of these Valleys is not solved at the meeting on January 3. A meeting in which the territorial delegate, Leticia García, the provincial deputy for the area Emilio Fernández and the president of the collegiate body will be present.

The Board and the College of Pharmacists are studying a solution for the closure of night shifts in Tera and Vidriales