The call for the 2022 school voucher is open: who is entitled to it and how to submit the application

Open at noon today, Thursday 24 November, the call for the Good school of the Lombardy Region to get a non-repayable contribution to support the payment of the tuition fees of a primary or secondary, equal or public schoolwith enrollment and attendance fees, based in Lombardy or in neighboring regions.
As often happens in these cases, the dedicated portal of the Lombardy Region it worked in fits and starts upon opening of the announcement with many families who had to wait even hours to be able to upload their application.

Who has the right to access the School voucher (one of the four measures of the School Dowry which includes, in addition to the Good school also the disability supporta contribution for textbooks and teaching materials it’s a merit award), has until 12 noon on 21 December to submit their application online via SPID or CIE – CNS – CNR, by filling out the form at this link.
All applications from those entitled will be accepted, regardless of the order of presentation. If the funds allocated are not sufficient to cover all the applications admitted, “the grants assigned to applicants with an ISEE higher than 16,000 euros may be remodeled to an extent proportional. The contributions intended for students attending primary school remain fully guaranteed ”, specifies the Lombardy Region on the dedicated portal.


Dote Scuola – Buono Scuola is a non-repayable contribution to students residing in Lombardy under 21 years of age in support of the payment of the enrollment and attendance fees at a private or public school based in Lombardy. It is also possible to apply for a grant for schools in neighboring regions, provided that the student returns to his/her home on a daily basis.

I’m eligible for the contribution are expenses relating only to curricular activities attributable to ordinary management courses (i.e. conducted within the age of 21), therefore educational pathways. Therefore, by way of example, expenses for board and lodging or expenses for extra-curricular activities or for expanding the educational offer are not eligible.

The school voucher is determined in relation to the ISEE brackets to which they belong (up to a maximum of €40,000) and the order and level of school attendedfrom primary to secondary level, with contributions that vary from a minimum of €300 to a maximum of €2,000 (and in any case for an amount never higher than the amount of expenditure actually incurred for the fee), as per the table below:

ISEE value Primary School 1st grade secondary school 2nd grade secondary school
up to €8,000 €700 €1,600 €2,000
from €8,001 to €16,000 €600 €1,300 €1,600
from €16,001 to €28,000* €450 €1,100 €1,400
from €28,001 to 40,000* €300 €1,000 €1,300


The application must be presented by the student who has not yet turned 21 at the time of submission of the same, or by a parent or guardian of the minor student at the link above.
The electronic receipt of the application and its identification number are communicated to the applicant by e-mail, to the address indicated in the registry section of OnLine Tenders.


The admitted beneficiaries receive communication regarding the assignment and the methods of use by e-mail, to the address specified when completing the application.
In compliance with the rules on the protection of personal data, the results of the tender will be published in the personal area of ​​the applicant, within the platform

The school voucher is provided in the form of a digital voucher, which can be used by 30 June 2023 in favor of the school where the student finished the 2022/2023 school year.
The family is required to promptly communicate – no later than 30 June 2023 – any change of school to the Education, Right to Study and Communication Office of the Lombardy Region, at

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The call for the 2022 school voucher is open: who is entitled to it and how to submit the application