The City Council rehabilitates the Pablo Neruda school and the El Matorral Cultural Center with the collaboration of the PFAE JEITO

  • The PFAE ‘JEITO’ finishes these repair works related to plumbing, painting, electricity, removal of fencing and construction of walls that they carried out during their practices

In Puerto del Rosario, on November 18, 2022.- The City Council of Puerto del Rosario, through the Department of Local Development directed by David Perdomo, reports the completion of the work planned in the internships for student workers at PFAE JEITO, which consisted of improvements to the facilities of the CEIP Pablo Neruda and the Cultural Center of El Matorral.

The PFAE JEITO is made up of 15 young people under 30 years of age without ESO studies who, thanks to this municipal program, acquire the professional certificate ‘Auxiliary operations of continuous lining in construction’ and who, after the theoretical classes, began the rehabilitation in various parts of the municipality.

Specifically, the practices of the working students have focused on removing the existing fence at the El Matorral Cultural Center, in addition to improving and rehabilitating part of the material that has been maintained. In the areas where the fence has been removed, a perimeter wall has been built to give continuity to the existing one. In addition to this, other plumbing work has been carried out in the two bathrooms in the center, and painting works have been carried out on their ceilings. Also, painting work was carried out in the town square, as well as in its surroundings.

The work of the CEIP Pablo Neruda consisted of treating the humidity, especially in the bathrooms in the school patio, as well as other building maintenance tasks, both plumbing and electricity, and the rehabilitation and improvement of the playground for pre-school students. with the laying of rubber tiles. On the other hand, the working students of the PFAE JEITO also carried out painting works in different classrooms.

The result of these practices has been very professional, making clear the training of the students of the PFAE and leaving evidence through the satisfaction of the team of the educational center and the San Juan de El Matorral neighborhood association.

JEITO is one of the PFAES that is currently promoted by the Department of Local Development of the Puerto del Rosario City Council and that is financed by the Canary Islands Employment Service.

The mayor of Puerto del Rosario, Juan Jiménez, appreciates the work carried out by the PFAE Jeito and all the team that makes it up, “because the residents of the town of El Matorral have conveyed to us their satisfaction at seeing a renewed image of their cultural center, as well as the teaching team of CEIP Pablo Neruda, who conveys their joy for the notable improvements in the center, and that They were needed for a long time. Undoubtedly, this team of students has acquired through the development of these jobs different professional skills that will serve as a tool for their future work.”.

For David Perdomo, councilor for the Local Development area, “the result of the work carried out by the working students and the satisfaction of the teams benefited by this work is proof that Puerto del Rosario’s commitment to these training plans in alternation with employment has been a resounding success, in addition to the fact that these 15 young people have come off the unemployment lists and are receiving training that ensures a decent future for them. From the Department of Local Development we are proud of the work carried out by the technical and teaching team that make these actions a reality”.

The City Council rehabilitates the Pablo Neruda school and the El Matorral Cultural Center with the collaboration of the PFAE JEITO