The classist school act of a Catholic school in Olavarría | Polenta, “planeros” and hate speech against Cristina Kirchner

“I love you my planeras and planeros, and let no one from the opposition come near them because I’ll split them in two like a butterfly sausage.” Three weeks after the assassination attempt against Vice President Cristina Kirchner, a group of sixth-year students from the Monseñor César Cáneva school of the Olavarría party in Buenos Aires chose to represent the former president in a school act. The school has not yet ruled against the act and the Private Management Education Directorate (DIEGEP) will intervene to analyze the role of the directors who allowed the act. “All schools have the obligation to be territories free of violence,” summoned the director of Buenos Aires Education and Culture, Alberto Sileoni.

The act took place at the school gate as part of the badge presentation week, in which sixth-year students prepare acts in advance of Student Day. In the Catholic school, a group of students represented the vice president speaking from the Casa Rosada, throwing polenta at a group of people dressed in soccer jerseys and cheering her on with signs that read: “More plan, less shovel.” “Hold on Cristina, waaaacho”, are heard by the speakers as part of the act, while Cristina’s interpreter spoke against those who “do get up to work instead of scratching it”.

According to the newspaper The Popular of Olavarriathe act aroused criticism and the rejection of groups of parents from the educational community of the school who requested the intervention of DIEGEP to investigate the role of school directors who allowed hateful and stigmatizing speech in a school act. In addition, the possibility of sanctions and reduction of state subsidies that the school receives for its condition of professing the Catholic faith was pointed out.

The head of Buenos Aires Education lamented what happened in Olavarría — a party governed by Together for Change — and asked that schools be free of hate speech. “We know that the steps of violence and fear are raised one by one, and it is necessary to see the preannouncements, the signs, which is why teachers and professors must be alert to prevent any hint of offense,” Sileoni said three weeks ago. of the attempted murder of the vice president.

For his part, the head of the Bloc of Deputies of the FdT in the province of Buenos Aires, César Valicenti, warned about the construction of hate speech and assured that “they cannot be tolerated in a framework of democratic coexistence, even less in a school environment. “. “We request a profound call for reflection for the teachers, directors and representatives of the educational community of the Monsignor César Cáneva School,” demanded the deputy from Olavarría and recalled the seriousness of the event days after the attack against the vice president.

“The educational authorities allowed it to be carried out,” was the warning from the educational community raised by the newspaper El Popular shortly after the event and assured that the directors did not intervene to stop the staging of the discriminatory act but rather let it end. .

“It is necessary to encourage a humanistic education in Buenos Aires that builds the need for the other, that teaches the value of truth, that teaches preference to the law and coexistence in peace,” Sileoni asked.

The classist school act of a Catholic school in Olavarría | Polenta, “planeros” and hate speech against Cristina Kirchner