The collective of the repressed of the School received at the ministry

Professor of mathematics at the Joliot Curie high school in Nanterre (92), Kai Terada has been suspended since the start of the school year but no disciplinary proceedings have been opened against him. On September 21, the “repressed National Education” came from all over France to support him. For Pap Ndiaye it’s time for the test. Or he continues on the path of union repression initiated by his predecessor. Or he tempers or bury procedures at the limit of legality which aim to silence teachers. Answer in principle today.

Suspended but not sanctioned…

“There was Dole, Montargis, Melle, Montauban, Montbrison, Nanterre, Pantin, Paris, Rennes, Romilly sur Seine, Saint Denis (93), Sainte Marie in Martinique and so many others. That’s enough. We have to it stops”. On September 21, Kai Terada lists the administrative measures taken by JM Blanquer under the previous five-year term against teachers.

Math teacher at Nanterre, Kai Terada has been suspended since the start of the school year without disciplinary proceedings being launched against him. “They told me that there is no element to mount a disciplinary procedure”, confides K Terada. “But they will receive me on September 22 and either reinstate me or transfer me in the interest of the service”.

These mutations are the discovery of JM Blanquer. Unable to conduct a real disciplinary procedure, the rector can move a teacher “in the interest of the service”. It became easy with the abolition of joint committees by the Civil Service transformation law. Thus the teacher is in fact punished harshly. Because we can impose on him a very difficult establishment or very far from his home, something that will change his daily life and above all break the ties with his colleagues. All without having any supporting element to assert.

A case of union repression

“We clearly sanction the personnel who are in the fight”, tells us K Terada. “And as Sud Education is a union of struggle we are the target of repression. But it’s not only because we are in the South. It’s because we are combative”.

A few meters from the ministry, the inter-union FO, Snes, Cgt, Sud is there to support Kai Terada. Other teachers displaced from office are present. There are two ex-teachers from the République de Bobigny college, Olivier Decool and Christophe Vilain, the tarters of JM Blanquer, the “4 de Melle” etc. “They attack those who react the most and then attack all the teachers. The logic is the breakage of the public service”, says Olivier Decool.

Sophie Vénétitay, secretary general of Snes Fsu, came. “We are in a case of union repression,” she told us. “The Snes was also affected, particularly in Clermont Ferrand during the mobilization against the E3C. An activist was the subject of administrative and legal proceedings. There was criminalization of trade union action. It is assumed that when you touch a staff representative you touch all the staff”.

On September 21, Kai Terada and a delegation from the intersyndicale managed to be received by P Ndiaye’s cabinet. “We expect the minister to instruct the rectorate of Versailles to reinstate K Terada”, says Jules Siran, federal co-secretary of Sud Education. “We have broad support from the inter-union, parliamentary groups (LFI, EELV and PCF) and personalities from the world of education and culture. We have a strong presumption of union discrimination against the South. These changes in the interest of the service each time it is for us. We are finalizing a seizure by the Defender of Rights”.

The ministry welcomed the inter-union delegation. The cabinet of P Ndiaye listened well to the requests of the delegation. But no decision has been announced. Kai Terada is received today at the rectorate of Versailles. It is at this time that we will know if Pap Ndiaye continues the fight launched by JM Blanquer. Or if he stands out from his predecessor and returns to normal relations with the unions. “Dialogue with the entire educational community will be an important principle,” declared Pap Ndiaye on May 20. Now is the time to show it.

Francois Jarraud

The collective of the repressed of the School received at the ministry