The crisis of hospitals in Puerto Rico is anticipated: President of the College of Surgeons

Added to the crisis of the ‘escape’ is the hospital crisis on the island. There is talk of bankruptcy and possible closures of medical institutions.

Luis Penchi

December 30, 2022 | | Reading time: 3 min

Diaz, on various occasions, has declared his position on the economic crisis of different hospitals on the Island. Photo: Magazine of Medicine and Public Health.

2023 could start with the bankruptcysale, consolidation or closure of several hospitals in the country, commented today personalities consulted by the Magazine of Medicine and Health public.

“I think we could anticipate the closure of some hospitals or the consolidation of several of these,” said the president of the College of Physicians, Carlos Diaz. The doctor commented on the bankruptcy in 2022 of the San Jorge Hospital, specialized in pediatrics, and the acquisition of the San Cristóbal Hospital in Ponce, by the Health Mennonite.

bankruptcy fears

The bankruptcy of San Jorge impacted the community of the Health in 2022, and when it happened, the former president of the College of Physicians, Victor Ramos, said that the decision would protect the institution from its creditors so that they could continue offering services.

For his part, the current president of the collegiate doctors warned that the economic situation of the hospitals is “macabre”, and attributed the economic crisis to the companies insurers who control the healthcare system of the island: “the doctors are not paid well, but neither are the hospitals”.

Emergency measures

Díaz said that this situation occurs in the context of a reform of Health that it has been going on for 30 years, and that in his opinion it has been disastrous for the country, because it has placed private medical plans in command of an essential service.

Today, meanwhile, the president of the Teachers’ Association, Victor Bonilla, separately confirmed to MSP that his organization would consider offers from two investors to sell the Hospital del Maestro, in Hato Rey.

One of the investors, Bonilla said, is a conglomerate of mountain hospitals that operate under the concept of 3-30 institutions and the other group was not identified.

Bonilla acknowledged that the other option is to take advantage of the Bankruptcy Law to avoid the embargo by Banco Popular of hospital assets.

“I am not convinced or decided on what we are going to do because the hospital is a very important asset for the teachers,” said Bonilla, who was re-elected yesterday as president at the organization’s annual meeting.

To do?

The educator assured that the decisions about the future of the hospital, founded last century, will be made by the board of directors and by an assembly of teachers.

“I think the hospital can still be saved and will have to plead for bankruptcyif there is no other choice,” he said. For her part, the former president of the Aida Díaz Association, recalled that the hospital is owned by the teachers of Puerto Rico “Although there are small groups that want to give it to other sectors,” said the magisterial leader.

The crisis is not new, Diaz said, acknowledging that since 2020 the organization has been experiencing serious financial difficulties.

The crisis of hospitals in Puerto Rico is anticipated: President of the College of Surgeons