The Darro school fights against school absenteeism, which affects 37% of its students

A girl enters the Darro public school. / sandra martinez

Many of the missing children belong to seasonal agricultural families and the center activates measures to increase their attendance.

The Darro school suffers from high school absenteeism due to the fact that many of the children in the center belong to seasonal families who emigrate abroad part of the year. The director, Lucía Tolices, affirms that the previous year 192 students enrolled; however, only 120 children attended classrooms throughout the year, that is, 37% had repeated absences. These figures have been increasing in the last five years, and the school expects them to continue this new year, because in October many of these families go back to France to work.

«This is the reason why many defend that their children do not go to school at certain times of the year or why they do not go to school directly. Other times they tell us that they are going away, but later other colleagues confirm that the children and their parents are still in the town. It is a problem that has been repeatedly repeated in recent courses and against which we try to fight through different initiatives », he explains.

Incentives to go to class

Therefore, the teachers of the center are going to develop various activities and initiatives this new course that motivate and serve as an incentive for students to attend classes. This project was also developed the previous year with the establishment of a reptile exhibition in the center.

The objective of this new course is to have the visit of the Granada women’s football team to increase this motivation, as well as to carry out the excursions organized annually. “With these measures and with the talks aimed at both parents and students about the need and benefits of education, we want to ensure that more children come this year than the previous one,” she says.

Likewise, the director of the center points out that another way to increase school attendance is to improve the school’s facilities, since, currently, they do not have a gym or a children’s play area for preschool children, an aspect in which the Mayor of the municipality, Manuel Gómez, assures that they will work so that the students have these spaces as soon as possible.

Another of the measures carried out to solve the problem is the request for work permits, as well as the registration of the new centers to confirm that the children are still in school. “When many are already far from the town, in other countries, they don’t enroll them,” he adds.

Social services

For its part, from the Provincial Council they assure that the problem in this municipality is a type of seasonal absenteeism, that is, absences at certain times of the year that occur because families go to work outside, so from the center education, a work plan should be established with temporary families to avoid this situation.

«To plan actions to prevent school absenteeism, in this and other municipalities, from the technical teams of social services of the province we are willing to collaborate, as we have always done, through the creation of local absenteeism commissions, through a coordination with the educational system for prevention and with intervention in situations of absenteeism derived from educational centers”, add sources from the institution.

The Darro school fights against school absenteeism, which affects 37% of its students