The first day of school is approaching for 45 thousand Ravenna students: “There is an air of a new beginning in normality”

The first day of school in Emilia Romagna is approaching. There are about 612 thousand students who will return to school on Thursday 15 September, of these, 540,494 in state schools and over 70,000 in equal schools (most of the latter, about 70%, in kindergartens). In the province of Ravenna the first bell will ring for 45,293 children: there are 178 classes in kindergartens, 702 in primary schools, 441 in middle school and 743 in high school.

Taking into consideration the secondary schools of II degree, the trend of the previous years is substantially confirmed: 89,258 students from Emilia-Romagna attend high schools (just over 44% of the total students) while 113,787. professional-technicians (56% of the total students). In detail, there are 72,438 students from technical schools (almost 36% of the total students) and 41,349 those from vocational schools (just over 20% of the total students). The total school population in upper secondary school increases by 0.77%. Breaking down by type of training offer: + 0.6% compared to the academic year previous, in high schools; + 1.2% in technicians and + 1.3% in professionals.

469 school managers will be placed at the helm of the 534 educational institutions distributed throughout the region. 300 of them will direct 1st cycle schools (infancy, primary and 1st grade secondary schools), 169 2nd cycle schools (2nd grade secondary schools). There are 30 new managers hired for the 2022/2023 school year as they were usefully placed in the ranking of the last national competition, which ended in 2019, and assigned to Emilia-Romagna.

There are 66 schools assigned to school students in regency in 2022/2023, due to school students in particular state positions (at Italian schools abroad and at universities), or because they are undersized schools, or because the locations are still set aside by virtue of pending disputes. The posts of teaching staff in Emilia-Romagna are 59,797. Of these, there will be 47,178 teachers in the common place, while there will be 12,619 teachers in the support place.

“We return to class in normal conditions, a significant element after years of restrictions due to the pandemic and which takes on value for children but also for their families, as well as for all staff – says the deputy director general of the Regional School Office for Emilia-Romagna, Bruno Di Palma – There has been a great effort in recent months by the entire administrative machine to carry out the many operations necessary to ensure a peaceful start to the year. beginning, steeped in expectations and the ‘desire’ for relationships. The task of us adults is to accompany students on this path, counting on the synergy between schools and families, to ensure that the School is a meeting place for people who are trained and educate together for the growth of the whole community “.

The first day of school is approaching for 45 thousand Ravenna students: “There is an air of a new beginning in normality”