The Government allocates 6.6 million to the new Inca school and 2.8 million to the expansion of the Blai Bonet in Santanyí

The Government Council has approved this Monday to grant the Balearic Institute of Educational Infrastructures and Services (Ibisec) the authorization of the expenditure of 6,679,437.39 euros for the tender for the works of the new infant and primary education center (CEIP) in Inca, and 2,814,290.76 euros for the tender for the expansion works of the CEIP Blai Bonet de Santanyi.

As reported by the spokesman for the regional government, Iago Negueruela, at a press conference, both projects have had to be authorized by the Government Councilsince the initiation of any expense file by the entities that make up the public business and foundation sector from which economic obligations for the entity of more than 500,000 euros may be derived requires it.


Regarding the new CEIP of Inca, It will have capacity for 450 seven school places in the UECO classroom, with six infant education units and 12 primary education units.

The project also provides for a construction consisting of a block of classrooms that is developed on the ground floor and two floors. All the classrooms are located on the southeast façade, while the complementary classes, services and facilities are on the northwest façade.

The dining room and gym block is perpendicular to the classroom block and consists of a single floor, so that it leaves a circulation space between the two, which configures one of the entrances and communicates with the primary porch. For its part, the administration block has smaller dimensions and also consists of a single floor. On the southeast façade there is a porch for the use of the children’s playground.


As for the expansion of the Blai Bonet, this action will turn the center into a double-line CEIP, providing it with space and benefiting the more than 260 students it currently has.

Currently, the center is located in a historic building with a ground floor and a first floor and, on the school grounds, there is an infant education building independent from the previous one. However, the center has suffered from a lack of spaces for some time due to the increase in student numbers, aggravated by the difficulty of expanding the building itself, since it is a listed asset. The architectural barriers were recently removed, but the planned action did not include expansion of spaces, “which is very necessary at this time”, the Government has highlighted.

In the patio there are five modular classrooms, and the music classroom and the dining room are located in municipal offices ceded by the City Council. Therefore, the extension is considered necessary, since in this way the modular classrooms could be eliminated, while the lost common use spaces could be recovered.

The action includes all the necessary spaces to convert the center into a double-line CEIP (6+12 units). The entire stage of early childhood education, library and administrative services will remain in the existing building. Thus, it will be carried out on a plot adjacent to the current building with the spaces for the primary education stage. In detail, the actions provide for the construction of 12 PE classrooms, one for computer science, one for plastic arts, another for music, four support classrooms, a warehouse and restrooms.

The Government allocates 6.6 million to the new Inca school and 2.8 million to the expansion of the Blai Bonet in Santanyí