The Government approves the demolition of the old University College of Las Palmas to expand the Insular Hospital

The Governing Council has authorized the Ministry of Health to spend 2.29 million euros to carry out the demolition works of the old University College of Las Palmas (CULP) to erect on that 10,724 square meter plot, a new building for the Maternal and Child Insular Hospital Complex (CHUIMI) of Gran Canaria. The execution period for these demolition works is six months.

The old CULP, ceded by the Cabildo de Gran Canaria to the Canary Health Service (SCS), has been conceived by the Ministry of Health as the solution to the saturation problems that the complex has been dragging for years and that manifests itself on a regular basis in the emergency department with patients crowded in the corridors waiting for an acute bed to be admitted to the hospitalization floors.

According to Health, this new building will house the research support unit, the new pharmacy service, the expansion of outpatient consultations and their support cabinets, the new adult emergency service, the area of ​​major outpatient surgery , a medium-stay hospitalization unit with 40 beds, clinical laboratories, with an area for taking clinical samples, an immunology area, general changing rooms and logistics areas.

The order to start bidding on the project was signed this week. The works are 85% co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund (Feder-Canarias) 2021-2027 and will be contracted through a simplified open procedure and ordinary processing, with an execution period of six months, counting from the signature of the record of verification of the stakeout.

The actions to be carried out are contained in a demolition project, with a favorable report from the Infrastructure Service of the Directorate of the Canary Islands Health Service, which includes the mechanical demolition of the structural and non-structural elements of the building, such as carpentry, fillers, coatings parapets or pavements; the dismantling and removal of the existing glass surface between the two main bodies, as well as the extraction and cleaning of all the installations and materials.

The demolition will be carried out in the reverse order of the construction process, beginning with the slabs of the upper floors, pillars and load-bearing walls. At the same time, “a preliminary study of the routes and accesses, both for vehicles and people, the ordering of the different functional units in complete programmatic packages and their relationship and connectivity with the current main building of the hospital center” has been carried out.

Plot adjacent to the Insular Hospital

The building of the University College of Las Palmas is located on a plot adjoining the main building of the Insular Hospital, which belonged to the Heritage of the Cabildo de Gran Canaria. It was ceded by the Cabildo at the request of the Ministry of Health to the Autonomous Community of the Canary Islands for the expansion of the complex.

The functional plan conceived for the new building, whose execution has to be tendered after the demolition phase, contemplates the location of various assistance services, “which will allow not only to have new spaces but also to free up areas of the main building that in turn will be subject to of remodeling to redistribute and suitably dimension its services”.

In the analysis of the expansion needs, the inclusion of some care services that currently do not allow for reform or expansion, such as the emergency service or mid-stay hospitalization, and whose transfer “would allow the development of other important dependencies of the main building.

Due to its location, the future building would also allow a connection with the main building of the Insular Hospital at different levels, “which would guarantee functional continuity of both buildings”.

five-story building

The objective is that the resulting new building, after the demolition of the CULP, will be developed on five floors of just over 5,000 square meters each, “making the most of the surface of the plot, where not only the implantation of the building but to have a new road network that allows the flow of vehicles and people to be directed to the different dependencies with the minimum of interference, taking into account the access levels, the development of the underground gallery that connects the different buildings and the necessary direct connection of the new building with the main building”.

The Government approves the demolition of the old University College of Las Palmas to expand the Insular Hospital