The institutions celebrate together with the College of Administrative Managers of Almería, Granada and Jaén their patron


The Provincial Council of Almería has participated in the institutional events held by the College of Administrative Managers of Almería, Granada and Jaén on the occasion of the Day of its Patron Saint, San Cayetano.

The province will host these events again after five years, after touring the other two provinces and due to the pause forced by the pandemic. The vice-president, Ángeles Martínez, the Councilor for Promotion of the City, Jesús Luque, the Territorial Delegate for Employment, Amós García and the sub-delegate of the Government, José María Martín, have accompanied this group that resumes the celebration with the oath or professional promise of the new members, appointments to positions of honor, tributes to members with 25 and 40 years of professional practice.

In addition, during the ceremony, the institutional recognitions that this year go to Antonio Hernández de la Torre, Head of the Provincial Unit for Labor and Immigration of the Subdelegation of the Government of Almería and the Research Group SEJ235 of the UAL, which has been collected by Diego Luis Valera Martínez, Vice-rector for Research and Innovation at the University of Almería.

Ángeles Martínez has conveyed the “province’s gratitude for your work” and has assured that “you have been essential for our province to recover its pulse after the harsh economic and social crisis caused by covid”.

In this sense, the vice president has assured that the Administrative Managers are “the transmission belt” that brings the administration closer to the citizen and “vital agents” for the processing of the aid that has been provided by the administrations.

“Without going any further, from the Diputación you have been very present in our ‘Diego García Hosts’ Plan, which we created so that sectors such as hospitality and agri-food could start again with direct aid that included administrative expenses or with aid to autonomous women,” she said.

In the same way, he thanked them for being “accomplices in all the projects carried out by the Provincial Council so that the heart of our province, the self-employed and entrepreneurs, can continue to create employment and wealth” as has happened with the Relief Plan Generational”.

For his part, the Councilor for Promotion of the City, Jesús Luque, also congratulated the winners and all the new members who have given a promise or an oath, the Gestoría employees with 25 or more years of service and the members with more than 25 and 40 years of profession.

“The work of the administrative manager has been and will be decisive in a society that is advancing and undergoing profound economic and social transformations. Citizens have the right to security and guarantees in their administrative procedures, because that is an essential vertex of any democratic State. That is the function that you offer to society in a regime of free competition, but backed by a university degree and by the Administration itself,” he stated.

The territorial delegate for Employment, Business and Self-Employment, Amós García Hueso, has valued the role of administrative managers “in the creation, maintenance and growth of companies, essential factors for job creation”.

He also highlighted the efforts of the Andalusian Government to simplify and reduce the administrative procedures that affect business activity, recalling that in the previous legislature a decree law was published with 300 simplification measures, “work that will be completed in the coming years with a new Administrative Simplification Law that will alleviate the regulatory burdens that companies bear”.

Finally, the sub-delegate of the Government has highlighted the “important work” that the administrative managers carried out not only during the pandemic, but after the approval, by the Government of Spain, of the Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan, which recently fulfilled its first year and which constitutes the decisive response of the authorities at the national and community level to cushion the economic and social impact caused by covid-19 and thus avoid a highly disruptive scenario from the economic and social point of view.

“This plan does not start from scratch, but accelerates and reinforces the reform and investment agenda promoted for almost three years, on which there is a strong social consensus but which, in any case, requires the collaboration of economic agents and the society as a whole”, said José María Martín.

In total, a total of 24 members have made the professional promise and the office of María del Mar García García has been recognized for its 25 years of work, as well as three members for their 25 years who have received the silver badge.

The institutions celebrate together with the College of Administrative Managers of Almería, Granada and Jaén their patron