The leader of the macho chants of Elías Ahuja has returned to the hall of residence despite announcing his final expulsion

The student expelled from the Elías Ahuja residence hall on October 4 for initiating sexist chants against his neighbors from the sister school of Santa Mónica ―“Whores, come out of your holes! You are nymphomaniac whores, I promise you that you will all fuck in the capea! Come on, Ahuha!”― has returned to the center, although it announced that it would definitely kick him out. The residence of the Order of San Agustín now assures this newspaper through a spokeswoman that “the center’s regulations for these events provide for a 15-day deportation. The school extended it up to 40 days and withdrew an honorary scholarship from the schoolboy that he had (…) The highest sanction possible according to the regulations has been imposed”. The management collaborates, in parallel, with the Police Information brigade for the information proceedings opened by the Madrid Prosecutor’s Office for a hate crime.

The return of the schoolboy was communicated to the Complutense University – to which the residence hall is attached – in a meeting of the mixed commission that was created to follow the case. In this, it was agreed to reform the Ahuja regulations to update it, so that it complies with the typification of the offenses of the University Coexistence Law, which came into force in February and promoted by Minister Manuel Castells. This considers very serious offenses “harassing sexually or for reasons of sex” and in these cases it provides for “expulsion of two months to three years from the university where the offense was committed (…) or the loss of partial enrollment rights, during a course or academic semester.” Therefore, higher penalties.

A video of the chants uploaded to the networks last year, already deleted from TikTok, starts in the same way – it is easy to confuse it with the one from this course -, although on that occasion the ringleader added before his classmates joined the group. chants: “You are a piece of shit. whores!” In the images, the schoolgirls – known as the monicas―, who know in advance the day and time of La Granja, a meeting from building to building in which the boys pretend to be animals with noises.

The schoolboy tries to go unnoticed and alternates stays at school with others at friends’ houses

In his statement, issued after the controversy on October 6, the Ahuja was not very explicit, but he assured that in order to correct these behaviors he had decided “to apply the measures provided for in the internal regulations for the students involved, which in cases serious, like this, implies the expulsion”. He did not specify for how long, but the deputy director of the school, Álvaro Nieto, did in statements to this newspaper. He explained that the day after the chants, the management of the center had met and eventually expelled the ringleader for 15 days, with the intention that he would be permanent. But for this, a process had to be opened in which the student would have to be heard and would have 15 days to present allegations. Living at the school costs 1,200 euros per month.

The schoolboy, according to the Ahuja, did not present any allegations and went those 40 days of punishment to live in the apartment of some friends. He has returned, but currently he tries to go unnoticed and alternates stays at the school ―where he keeps his room― with others at friends’ houses. He continues to attend the Autonomous University of Madrid, where he is a graduate student. Various Mallorcan media outlets described his life on the island in detail ―from which he is a native―, although they omitted his name. Even the director of his Jesuit school made statements rejecting his conduct. At school, according to him Majorca Newspaper, handed out Vox pens.

García Artiga, according to a former schoolboy, has relied on students to manage the center.

On previous occasions when there was no media attention – macho chants are already a tradition – no student was expelled, although the administration was well aware of what was happening. More than one – the screams could be heard throughout half of Ciudad Universitaria – alerted the school that it should penalize these behaviors. The situation was getting out of hand. The director of the school, Manuel García Artiga -known as Father Manolo- partly apologized to the schoolboys before the press: “It is a way they have to express themselves, but in no way referring to the girls.”

A student enters the Elías Ahuja university residence the day the controversy over the chants broke out.Claudio Alvarez

García Artiga, according to a former schoolboy, has relied on students to manage the center. “He has not professionalized the residence,” says one. “What has happened was seen coming”, says another. This lack of professionalism has not gone unnoticed by the UCM, which has the ability to remove Ahuja from its status as a college attached to the university; which allows its students to use the sports facilities of the UCM and participate in its cultural life. For this reason, among the commitments acquired by the school, says the vice-rector for Students of the UCM Rosa de Lafuente, is to improve the professionalization of the management team through their training in mentoring, mediation mechanisms and conflict resolution. To achieve this, Ahuja employees will be advised by the UCM university defender. In addition, they will have to be trained in the gender perspective and in improving coexistence with the help of the equality and diversity delegates of the university.

In the monitoring commission, the Ahuja management, which will have to develop an anti-hazing plan and a harassment protocol ―present in almost all schools―, he also undertook to design workshops, conferences and activities with schoolchildren on managing emotions, gender perspective, responsibility for acts and empathy with diversity. In these talks they must participate as professional speakers from the legal, police and university fields.

After the chants, the scheduled capea with the Santa Mónica students was cancelled, the schoolboys sent a letter of apology to their neighbors ―Many of them relatives (they are separated by sex, they are two Augustinian schools) who did not feel insulted― and a commitment was established to hold workshops and volunteer work in which the 174 schoolchildren of the center participate, not only those involved in the songs. A month and a half after the scandal, there is no news. But there will be because the Complutense has given them three months to react.

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The leader of the macho chants of Elías Ahuja has returned to the hall of residence despite announcing his final expulsion