The Lidón avenue works generate numerous problems in the Consolación school

The management of the Consolación school and the AMPA have transferred their complaints about the daily problems generated by the reform of Lidón avenue. The center has 1,200 students and a hundred teachers. Access ‘to school’ is a problem and teaching, too.

The spokesman of the of the People’s Party in the Castello Town HallBegoña Carrasco, accompanied by PP councilor Juan Carlos Redondo (neighbor of the avenue), has maintained a meeting with the director of College Our Lady of the Consolationmother Montse Ferrer, in which the president of the AMPA, Maria Germany. In the meeting, both the management and the AMPA have transferred to Begoña Carrasco the complaints about daily problems Due to the difficult accessibility to the educational center generated by the reform of Lidón avenue. Some works that forbid from now on, and forever, the circulation to road traffic.

As Carrasco explained: “The unnecessary and untimely work, 3.3 million of euros without the people of Castellón having asked for it, continues to cause problems to the 1,200 students and a hundred teachers a week after going back to school. To access the center you have tocut raised sidewalks Y heavy machineryin addition to having to endure the annoying noise in classrooms. It is not acceptable that in the First day of classlast Monday, had the door works and unexpectedly ran to Search wooden planks as catwalksbecause the parents complained.

Last week, indicated the popular councillors, the Popular Party has already denounced the difficult accessibility to this school “and for a year we have been noticing what has ended up happening in the end”, points out carrasco. “We ask the government teamor from PSOE, Compromís and Podemos that shows andempathy with the educational communityas they did not take advantage of the summer to advance in this section, neither have planned a accessibility plan to school when they planned the renovation of Lidón Avenue, at least that they put facilities to the families, that they answer their calls and that they show with facts that they are for accessibility”, he adds.

While Castelló celebrates mobility week, Carrasco indicated, “what we see at the school shows Señora de la Consolación are collapsed streets because the vehicles have nowhere to stop for the students to access the center. Neither there is a zone enabled so they can park momentarily families traveling by car neither there is a fluid mobility because at definitively cut Lidón avenue to trafficthe adjacent streetsmuch smaller, they collapse and traffic jams occur that add one more inconvenience to families, making them waste more time desired, in addition to to concentrate in more closed spaces CO2 emissions”.

For the people’s spokesman This situation is one more consequence of the lack of foresight and planning of the municipal government team. “His negligence by not reacting before, knowing that on September 12 the students returned to class, causes indignation. A discomfort that adds to the majority rejection among the people of Castellón that this reform itself generates.

“From the Popular Party we once again express our rejection of an unnecessary, untimely reform that no one has asked for. We are against the elimination of traffic, in both directions of the avenue, because it also causes damage to businesses, not only on Lidón avenue, but also those in the heart of the city. The 3.3 million euros would be more profitable in other neighborhoods of the city that don’t even have sidewalks”, explains Carrasco.

The Lidón avenue works generate numerous problems in the Consolación school