The Ministry chooses the Colònia de Sant Pere school for an inclusive education project

The Ministry of Education and Vocational Training has chosen CEIP Rosa dels Vents from Colonia de Sant Pere (in Artà) to develop a joint project inclusive education and educational innovation with two schools from Navarra and the Valencian Community. During two academic years, the Mallorcan school will work together with the CEIP Mendigoiti of Navarra and the CEIP Attilio Bruschetti of Xàtiva in a project on “Active methodologies and didactic proposals that enhance the educational success of all students”.

The Ministry chooses the Colònia de Sant Pere school for an inclusive education project CAIB

The three centers have already started working on a common project “Dualiza-te: design of environments and key learning situations DUA”. With the promotion of networking in public schools, the main objective is to bet on pedagogical renewal, permanent updating and constant reflection on their own educational practices. The intention is that, as innovative educational centers, they facilitate the environment, the educational environment, the learning situations, the material and the accompaniment so that each student can develop in an integral way following their own internal plan.

infant and primary

“Dualiza-te” is aimed at pre-school and primary school students and lasts for two academic years. The CEIP Rosa dels Vents already organized a conference last March to explain their project, highlighting the work they do to apply research derived from neuroscience in daily practice with active methodologies.

On the other hand, last November they traveled to Navarra, to the CEIP Mendigioti, to learn more about the eminently active and collaborative pedagogical method TBL (Team-Based Learning) and about different thinking skills. Next February the meeting will be at the CEIP Attilio Bruschetti de Xàtiva, in Valencia.

In addition, the three centers will have the collaboration of the UB-Edu1st Neuroeducation Chair of the University of Barcelona and the Department of Didactics of Experimental and Social Sciences of the University of Valencia in advising and accompaniment, in the creation of environments educational and learning situations DUA. They will also receive the support and experience of the Lit(T)erat Department of the Teaching University of Valencia.

Good practice guide

These collaborations will consist of the elaboration of a good practice guide in DUA code and the possibility of making a documentary, with the Department of Sciences of the University of Valencia; the preparation of a reading guide in the DUA code with a gender perspective, with the Department of Literature of the University of Valencia; and the development of a tool for measuring the impact of the methodologies used on students, with the University of Barcelona. The project is part of the call for Associations of Educational Centers of the Ministry of Education and Vocational Training.

The Ministry chooses the Colònia de Sant Pere school for an inclusive education project