The NOSCHOOL school opens a real estate agency managed by its students

At the heart of the NOSCHOOL school in Bordeaux, a real estate agency has been created to train and challenge students to the challenge of business management!

While the real estate sector aspires to recruit new talent, 86% of real estate students say that it is difficult to find work-study work (Recrutimmo 2022 study). In fact, when they manage to get a contract, many regret being confined to summary tasks, and only very partially discover the many aspects of a real estate agency.

To offer real estate students every chance of becoming qualified future professionals and of succeeding on this path, increased investment by their managers – in school as well as in agencies – is necessary. Mélanie Perret, educational manager of real estate training at the Bordeaux school NOSCHOOL, is convinced of this. ” Even though In our school, 97% of students find a place on an internship or work-study program with our partner agencies. I notice that the main obstacle to their hiring is their lack of experience. However, they are precisely there to launch their professional life and they are full of good will to learn » introduces Madame Perret. “We believe so much in the potential and profiles of our students that we therefore had the idea of ​​creating a real agency – school called SHAKER. Six of our students have been hired on work-study contracts and internships in this brand new structure”.

In the sector, this is a first which aims to ” shake up real estate by highlighting novelty, youth and originality ! Young people thus have the opportunity to train in contact with real customers and above all, they are challenged to learn the workings of business management.

Future professionals dedicated to supporting sales customers

Launched in September 2022, the real estate agency operates on the same model as an independent agency with a manager carrying a professional card – Mélanie Perret – business software, a dedicated office within the school itself and a well-established turnover. between work-study students and trainees in order to ensure the continuity of activities. ” For our first year, we chose to focus on transaction and rental activities. Like a real agency, we have defined our scope of prospecting and the organization chart has been decided according to the specialties chosen by the students » explains Ms. Perret, herself a former real estate agent.

“Our trainers are all active real estate professionals, willing to accompany our young people, enlighten them and advise them if necessary when they are in the field. With them, we agreed on an inter-cabinet partnership system. In concrete terms, the SHAKER agency fits the mandate into its portfolio and our students take charge of supporting the sellers. The negotiation and sale parts with the buyer are left to the care of the partners, so that the students devote themselves solely to representing the interests of the sellers and offering them the best services”.

For the manager of this agency-school, this training axis is carefully thought out: “ at all times, and especially in times of crisis, the quality of services and relations with customers is what allows professionals to maintain their activity. I want to transmit this strong and essential asset to students because it is, in my opinion, one of the best weapons of their profession. “.

For their part, the first clients of the agency-school have apparently shared very encouraging feedback, congratulating the ability of the students to offer them effective solutions. What’s more, clients appreciate the fact of associating the realization of their real estate project with the apprenticeship of young professionals in training who are just waiting to gain expertise.

A first formative experience on the challenges of business management

For students, this first experience in an agency is a tremendous motivational lever intended to promote their professional integration. ” Whether they are in BTS or master 2, our six work-study students and trainees discover all the challenges of creating and managing a real estate business. They are immersed and involved in the reality on the ground: budget management, stress, difficult times… This allows those who may have had a still very idealized image of their profession to get closer to reality. Thus, they gain in maturity, in resourcefulness, in autonomy. They progress in decision-making and we encourage their initiative so that they are able to manage » rejoices Mélanie Perret.

In addition to teaching technical skills, NOSCHOOL trainers also attach great importance to so-called “soft skills”: the ability to adapt and integrate, interpersonal skills, agility, listening, tolerance, ‘humility. ” We are committed to passing on excellent interpersonal skills so that our young professionals have an irreproachable attitude when dealing with customers. They thus understand that to succeed, they not only need a well-made head, but also worked human qualities! “.

At the end of this first year of activity, the agency – school OURCHOOL will open a new office on the Bordeaux quays of the Garonne at the start of the 2023 academic year, and it will gradually develop new activities there linked to the school’s other courses (rental management, work support, loan and insurance brokerage, investment). Eventually, a greater number of students in training will be able to be recruited and the “oldest” will then be able to sponsor new recruits!

“And why not take the opportunity to develop dedicated support for our students who have difficulty finding accommodation? » says Mélanie Perret, full of great ideas to offer her students the best opportunities.

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