The Padre Dehon school and MIAC come together for an innovative teaching with: The art of educating

On Saturday, September 10, the Padre Dehon school held presentations on education under the motto: <> by three leaders in the field of education

The event was very well received and the center’s auditorium welcomed about 100 peoplewhich included, of course, members of the center, MIAC organizerscollaborators such as members of CAPAZ NoveldaWhat Raul Martinez and sponsors of ArtCreateWhat Nuria Garcia. In representation and support they had the presence of the Councilor for Education, Bartolomé Úbeda, and of course, students, future teachers and families willing to learn about school quality.

Jorge Largo, organizer of MIAC (Innovative Teachers, Competent Students), explained that they normally hold this kind of event in large cities because it is the demand that reaches them. MIAC is made up of two male and female teachers and two of them are from Novelda.

Normally they do it in big cities because it is the demand that reaches them. «We said, why not?, and in September we transferred an educational act that reaches Novelda, which has 3 members within the team. He adds that they had a submotto: <>. The objective they were looking for was to achieve a less disciplinary day that could welcome families, students, future teachers

<>, affirms Jorge Largo.

The papers that were exposed were three. First, Javier Romero, professor at the University of Alicante who teaches in the Faculty of Education for different areas of physical education, in teaching and in the research master’s degree for doctorate and master’s degree in pedagogy for those who are going to teach in secondary and institutes. His lecture focused on neuromotricity, motor coordination, motor control, and the brain. On the benefits of movement and motor coordination for possible cognitive coordination. The teacher explains that <>.

Regarding his opinion about the usual practices in the classroom, the speaker confesses: <>.

explain what it is fundamental that the emotional part be present in education, not just subjects. < PISA and from Finland, and I ask, do you know where Finland is in Europe in terms of gender violence? Well, Finland is in second place, so I am beginning to assess it>>, adds Romero.

The next speaker was Paula de la Cruz, special educational needs teacher and therapist. She manages the field of training since 06, which is her specialty and works with the training of future teachers in different collaborations with universities.

His lecture was based on the pedagogical innovation based on invisible things, since childhood needs respect, not big projects and big infrastructures.

<>, explains Paola de la Cruz.

He believes that teachers must change some habits that prevent students from feeling safe and calm in the classroom and explains that very basic things that are not written in books should be changed, such as stopping yelling, stopping threatening, letting our boys and girls learn from fear and understand in that educational process and change it for a process of accompaniment, in which they can express their inner self. <>, according to de la Cruz.

Lastly, there was the presence of the master Manuel Velasco. <>, explains the teacher.

His emotional lecture dealt with how to educate with the other ICTs: tender interest and affection to be able and also shared personal experiences from the classrooms.

His motto is that <> Therefore, he believes that if we want to evolve in education, the first thing we have to do is dialogue with tradition. <>Velasco concludes.

Bartolomé úbeda, Councilor for Education showed its support for innovative teaching from the outset: <>.

Regarding the next course that is already here, he clarifies that all centers will have classrooms for two years, where enrollment has been very positive.

The Father Dehon College I bet you MY AC for educational improvement. Valeriano Gómez, director of Father Dehon, explains that: <>.

Among the values ​​of the center, he does not hesitate to highlight the family spirit, closeness, personalized education and commitment to pedagogical innovation.

During the presentations they had music performances by students and a round table to share ideas.

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The Padre Dehon school and MIAC come together for an innovative teaching with: The art of educating – Novelda Digital