The recipe of a teacher from 93: we read “The school of reconciliation” by Jérémie Fontanieu

Recruitment crisis, drop in the level of students, disputed republican model… The news of the new school year tells of a National Education in pain, breathless by the lack of consideration for teachers and entangled in glaring social inequalities. In this dull climate, few positive notes emerge. However, it is Jérémie Fontanieu’s bet. Going against the grain, this professor of economics and social sciences (SES) recounts in The School of Reconciliation* the success of the project he has implemented since 2012 in his high school in Drancy to put his students back to work. And pierce, as much as possible, the wall of inequalities that this territory suffers from.

The book sets out to describe its recipe – already widely publicized – which has led 100% of its students since 2018 to obtain the baccalaureate. On the program: severity imposed on adolescents from the start of the year to restore the taste for effort », weekly questions in the form of multiple-choice questionnaires (MCQ) and, above all, constant dialogue with the families. Because for the teacher, who went through Sciences Po Lille, involving parents, who are often unfamiliar with National Education in working-class neighborhoods, is decisive for the investment of students.

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A ” co-education materialized (among other things) by regular text messages sent by Jérémie Fontanieu to families who, informed of the results of their children, take charge, depending on the circumstances, of cracking down or congratulating. And conversely, inform the teacher of any personal concerns. A priori not obvious as the testimonies of professors being the subject of disputes of their teachings or inappropriate requests from families are multiplying. But according to Jérémie Fontanieu, if the school takes the first step, the parents, invested with a new responsibility, are delighted to collaborate with the teacher.

Tracks but not a “miracle recipe”

While some might find it suspicious – and self-centred – that a teacher seeks to put so much emphasis on the success of his project, Jérémie Fontanieu takes care to specify that he must above all not be considered as a “ miracle recipe “. Tracks, rather than injunctions.

Beyond the description of his method, the book proves above all to be the touching story of the apprenticeship of the profession by a young teacher. We discover the associate groping, experimenting, gradually correcting his attitude in class and vis-à-vis his colleagues. Developing, as an applied alchemist, the educational cocktail adapted to his personality and that of his students to move forward.

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This is clearly not an inventory supported by the difficulties of National Education or even a questioning of the programs but an instructive logbook, filled with anecdotes, proposals and trajectories of students who suggest, beyond all pedagogical considerations, that the effort always ends up paying off. With the key, self-confidence.

*Jeremie Fontanieu, The School of Reconciliation. A professor at Drancy The links that free, 230 p., 19 euros.

The recipe of a teacher from 93: we read “The school of reconciliation” by Jérémie Fontanieu