The reduction of the dining hours of the Cesáreo Alierta school in Zaragoza ends up in court

A platform of families of the Cesáreo Alierta school from Zaragoza will present a lawsuit with which they want to paralyze the decision to reduce the period for eating between classes from 3 to 2 hours and finish these one hour before, at 4:00 p.m. A completely legal situation, which was approved by the School Council, but which they consider has been carried out in a “hasty” manner and without taking into account “the majority opinion of the families” that was reflected in a survey, explained one of the spokespersons . For this reason, they have put themselves in the hands of a lawyer with the aim of undertaking this legal action this week.

It is one more chapter of a controversy that has been living since the end of last year in the educational centers of the Romareda areawhere the four public centers (César Augusto, Cesáreo Alierta, Doctor Azúa and Margarita Salas) maintain the split shift after having put the innovation project to the vote on several occasions. However, it has always declined due to the vote of families, since the support of 55% of the entire census is required and not only of those who go to the polls. After failing to get the change of day forward, the reduction of the time to eat from 3 to 2 hours was proposed, which once again generated an intense debate with conflicting opinions. Finally, the School Council approved the change in Cesáreo Alierta and Margarita Salas.

For the parents of Cesáreo Alierta, the “damages” of this new schedule will increase from this Monday with the start of split-day teaching hours (morning and afternoon). In the afternoon classroom of the free co-responsible plan of the DGA, which will take place from 4:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m., there are only places for 50 children and it has 210 applications. “In the project to modify the schedule, we were assured that all the children could do activities during this hour and thus favor the conciliation of those who cannot go to pick up their children at 4:00 p.m., but it is clearly insufficient,” they criticized.

Since the Amp it is Looking for a solution, how to hire on their own the monitors that are needed so that all the minors who need it can be attended to. At the moment, this Monday a free childcare service will be offered provisionally. In addition, they are going to present a complaint to Education and request to hold an interview with those responsible for the department to address this issue.

One of the spokespersons for the group of families that is promoting the lawsuit recalled that they have also requested the protection of the Justice of Aragon, and that from this body they have been answered that although all the decisions have been made “according to the law” there may have been produced a “abuse of right”. In a poll carried out at the end of June by the management team, there were 87 votes in favor of shortening the dining period compared to 203 who were against. Another 57 did not make a statement.

In contrast, other families of the Margarita Salas Schoolalso from Romareda, concentrate this Monday at 4:00 p.m. in front of the main entrance of the center after the court has provisionally paralyzed the reduction of the period between classes to which the School Council gave the green light at its last meeting last year in June. In this case, the vote was carried out after a previous survey among the families that showed that 187 people were against the measure compared to 164 who were in favor.

The organizers of this protest assure that they are “pretty upset” because the news of the stoppage was known less than a week after the start of the course, on September 3, when most had already planned their work schedules and extracurricular activities according to the new end time of classes.

The reduction of the dining hours of the Cesáreo Alierta school in Zaragoza ends up in court