“The resources of literature for the democratic school”, international conference at the University of Siena

The teaching of literature is establishing itself as a specific field of research in many countries of the world, with important consequences, as well as on teaching practices in secondary schools, on literary studies, especially in the field of Italian studies, the sector most directly involved , in our country, in the initial training of teachers.

After the experience of the Specialization Schools and the Active Training Internships, which led to the activation of many teachings of Literature Didactics in Italian Universities, and taking into account an almost fifty-year debate on the relationship between secondary teaching and literary studies, in this moment of transition, pending the reform of the recruitment and initial training of teachers, also in Italy there is a need to consolidate the theoretical and practical acquisitions of recent years through a reflection on the specific strategies and investigation methods of this new field of research, which cannot do without a recognition of the changes underway in literary studies themselves and, even more generally, in the world of education and scientific research.

From 23 to 25 November in Siena, scholars from various disciplinary fields will discuss these issues during the international conference “The resources of literature for the democratic school”, organized by the Department of Philology and Criticism of Ancient and Modern Literatures of the University of Siena.

The conference, which involves scholars of international level belonging to various disciplinary sectors, intends to address a reflection on the theoretical, methodological and cultural resources of literary studies while keeping in mind the purpose of contributing to the development of a fully democratic school, compliant with the constitutional principles and capable – also thanks to the contribution of Literature Education – of “removing the economic and social obstacles which, by effectively limiting the freedom and equality of citizens, prevent the full development of the human person and the effective participation of all the workers to the political, economic and social organization of the country”.

Speakers will be Romano Luperini, Andrea Smorti, Jérôme David, Ambra Carta, Linda Cavadini, Bruno Falcetto, Emmanuela Carbè, Elisabetta Menetti, Alessandra Di Tella, Emanuele Zinato, Marina Polacco, Federico Sanguineti, Lucia Rodler, Federico Batini, Marianna Marrucci, Marielle Macé, Vanessa Roghi, Silvia Tatti, Giuseppe Noto, Emilio Mariotti, Carla Guetti, Andrea Manganaro.

The works, which will begin in the afternoon of 23 November and will continue until the morning of 25 November, will be coordinated and chaired by Riccardo Castellana, Pietro Cataldi, Simone Giusti and Natascia Tonelli.

The conference programme, and the link to follow the live broadcast online, are published at: www.unisi.it/unisilife/eventi/le-risorse-della-letteratura-la-scuola-democratica.

“The resources of literature for the democratic school”, international conference at the University of Siena