The San Claudio school is flooded by the rain and the parents point to Diez

The doubt jumped first thing in the morning. “Could it be the office of the mayor?”, the parents of the students of the San Claudio school asked themselves ironically, while they shared the images of the leaks that populate the school. After two days of intense rains, the lack of conservation of the building caused schoolchildren and teachers to get up early yesterday with trickles down the stairs, ceilings chipped by humidity and corridors strewn with buckets to try to reduce the water that was piling up in the public dependencies .

The snapshots reached the two parts of the center. In the main building, where the classrooms from 4th to 6th grade of Primary are grouped, plus the spaces for the management team and for splitting, the rain filled the dining room and the kitchen with puddles. This is not the first time in recent weeks, but since August there have been three, despite the fact that there has been hardly any rainfall.

In the other downtown area, the damage was even greater. The building in which the little ones are staying woke up with multiple streams of water seeping through the walls and a sheet of water that descended from the third floor to the ground floor. As a consequence, one of the two stairs through which the 2nd and 3rd grade students access the upper part had to be made useless due to the risk of materials falling on them, such as those in the middle of the corridor.

The situation occurs after the educational community has accumulated warnings about the need to invest in the center. Despite the fact that the property corresponds to the City Council, which is entrusted with maintenance, as in all public schools for Early Childhood and Primary Education, the dispute over how far this obligation reaches and the jurisdiction of the Board enters keeps the center in suspense. From the consistory it is defended that its responsibility ends in the arrangement of punctual things, painting and cleaning, while what supposes an investment has to be executed by the regional administration.

As a consequence, students and teachers have to carry out their activities in deteriorated facilities. From the association of mothers and fathers (ampa) they warn that “this is how they take care of the public school.” The UPL group joined the criticism, demanding from the mayor, José Antonio Diez, “urgent action and a long-term solution that prevents it from happening again.”

The Leonists explained that “it is a situation that is not new because on more occasions the City Council has been informed, according to sources from the school itself, and it is not solved.” “We cannot allow our little ones to be educated in such deplorable conditions, where water runs from the roof into corridors, classrooms, dining rooms or the kitchen. Our children have the right to be educated in decent centers”, transferred the councilor María Teresa Fernández, who called “also the attention of the Junta de Castilla y León, which is responsible for ensuring that the centers where our children study are in the best conditions” . “The City Council is responsible for the maintenance of the centers but we must remember that they are improper powers,” she insisted.

The San Claudio school is flooded by the rain and the parents point to Diez