The school founded by Marion Maréchal ready to open a large campus

1856, the first stone of the Palais de la Bourse is laid in Lyon. That of the ISSEP will be in May 2018 in this same capital of Gaul. Four years later, the private higher education school co-founded by Marion Maréchal organized its second annual gala, bringing together more than 400 people who came to applaud the graduate students. Students who must later access high office despite the steps that the school must still take to be fully recognized by the State.

Saturday November 12, 2022, in the heart of this prestigious place that is the Palais de la Bourse in Lyon, inaugurated in 1860 by Napoleon III and Empress Eugénie, around a hundred students, widely honored, met hand over their diploma as well as their attributes, scarves and caps in the colors of the school, all accompanied by epic cinematographic music. A way for the former director of “rewarding the merit and courage of students who have passed through the doors of ISSEP”.

After four years of existence, the school has more than 400 registrations (in master’s degree bac+4 and +5 and continuing education): “A momentum, according to the director Thibaut Monnier, which motivates the management to imagine within two years the creation of an ISSEP campus to accommodate three times as many students. » Another announcement at the heart of the festivities: the launch of an online course application “The Amphitheater”which will feature hundreds of instructional videos. “The saints have made our France and our civilization : Thibaut Monnier clearly asserts “wish to continue their work”citing Plato and other intellectual figures.

A work that involves the mass arrival of new leaders made in ISSEP who “will know how to behave, who have good manners and know-how” within companies and in the world of work: the anti-Sciences Po, therefore! Media, elected offices, major industrial groups, the management of the School aims to send its best students everywhere. And that already seems to be the case. One of them, Clémence, displayed as an example of the professional integration of students, animates the evening and testifies to her career. Having become chief of staff to a local elected official, she says: “The ISSEP, on a CV, it opens as many doors as it closes, it’s a bet. It is thanks to our incredible network that I was able to land this position. Marion is highly appreciated by the entrepreneurial world and the bosses of large groups, we also rely on her notoriety. »

While one of the graduates tells us that she has no problem working for a social integration association in the suburbs, one of the students has done an internship with the French group Michelin, “where we are looking for profiles attached to a certain ethic of life, professional rigor, punctuality… Everything that ISSEP teaches apart from theoretical courses. » His wife, present, says: “We followed, during the confinements, our distance courses but I was impressed by the much more sustained level and the professionalism of the teaching that he received through the ISSEP, compared to my public university courses. »

So, what is missing at ISSEP, after Marion Maréchal joined politics, to become a school recognized by all and empowering all professional sectors? State recognition. And this seems to come up against the political parallel established between the institute and the political convictions, however independent, of some of its leaders. Victoria Pourcher, administrative and pedagogical director, wonders about the possible political reasons for this administrative slowness: “We submitted our file to the France Skills body where it was accepted in the first stage, but the exchanges are at the point dead from. We need a certification to allow our trainings to be supported by the personal training account. »

In 2018, Marion Maréchal aimed to “training a new generation of leaders” and of “to create a powerful weapon against the current ready-to-think”. There would therefore remain only an administrative dike to be broken so that Sciences Po no longer has control over all French positions of power…

The school founded by Marion Maréchal ready to open a large campus