The Secondary School of Arts Nº 30 of Casira for the first time will be part of the FNE

August 11, 2022 – 13:44
The young people from Puno will present a carriage and ask for collaboration to carry out the project.

The Secondary College of Arts No. 30 of Casira will participate for the first time in the National Festival of Students presenting a carriage. And in this regard we spoke with part of the teaching staff of the institution and the teachers stressed that the students are very enthusiastic considering that it is a long-awaited desire and that they ask for the support of the entire community.

In this way Noemí Gregorio, the director of the school stated that the institutional community and the locality will collaborate to make the work. “We have an enrollment of 32 students, so it will be a joint effort and it is also a proposal that has the support of teachers, parents and the Casira community that supports the initiative of our students who already had the intention to participate in the FNE since 2019, that year could not be and then the pandemic came and now the wish has finally come true,” said the teacher who visited the newsroom of El Tribuno de Jujuy together with professors Javier Mayo, Anabela Yolaba and Yésica Moya.

“Although we are in a complicated situation in the country, we have all the energy to do this and we are also appealing for the solidarity of all those who want to help us. The people of Casira are mobilized with this, the Municipal Commissioner too and many institutions are willing to work with the school and help us”, he assured.

He then indicated that several meetings have already been held to organize the working modalities. “We put together groups for different tasks and we are campaigning through different media such as Facebook, radio and television in La Quiaca to collect materials for recycling,” she said.

In the same way, he indicated that they requested collaboration from Technical School No. 1 in Palpalá and Secondary School No. 34 in Alto Comedero. “They are going to make us a space for our pitch and in September they are going to come to the institution to advise us,” he explained.

He also stressed that ceramics will be a fundamental part of the carriage. That is where we stand out. We are an artistic school that grants a Bachelor’s degree with orientation in Visual Arts with a specialty in Ceramic Production, so ceramics will undoubtedly be present in the float”, he assured and said that the boys from Casira will sell in La Quica on Saturday the crafts they make to raise funds.

Afterwards, the teacher Yésica Moya stressed that they already have a chassis and that “heavy materials such as iron and lights” are missing, and asked those interested in supporting the school to follow their Facebook page where they will publish what they need and the means to deliver support.

“The boys are super happy to be able to get to San Salvador and experience what is the National Student Festival in the capital, which is very different from what is experienced in Casira. So they are super excited,” he added.

Finally, it is worth mentioning that the Secondary School of Arts No. 30 of Casira will elect its queen during a meeting scheduled for next Tuesday at 2:00 p.m. in the establishment itself located on Calle 9 de Julio S/N in the town of Puno. “There will be 8 candidates and there will be musical numbers by the students,” Moya said to conclude.

The Secondary School of Arts Nº 30 of Casira for the first time will be part of the FNE