The Seville Bar Association seeks a new dean

Oscar Cisneros will not be eligible for re-election as dean of the Seville Bar Association, whose superior board will leave after 28 years occupying different positions, the last four as the head of said body. Therefore, this illustrious collegiate entity, based in the central Chapineros street, is looking for a new dean. The appointment will be next November 24.

Yesterday afternoon, Thursday, the College’s governing board held a meeting in which the green light was given for the start of the electoral process for the renewal of the dean and the rest of the positions of said governing body and that will end on November 24 with the call to the polls of the almost 8,000 membersof which almost 6,400 practice the profession, according to the census dated December 31, 2021 offered by the General Council of Spanish Lawyers.

As Cisneros has confirmed to this newspaper, he will not be eligible for re-election on November 24 after a mature decision and after looking back, until 1995, when for the first time he assumed a position in the governing board that he then headed Jose Joaquin Gallardoof whom he was deputy dean for four years, before relieving him at the head of this institution, after beating at the polls in November 2018 Francisco Baena Bocanegra and to Silvia Munoz. “It has been 28 years dedicated to the College”has expressed the dean.

the pandemic

Cisneros’ decision means “an end of the cycle” professionally and personally for this lawyer specializing in Civil and Commercial Law, specifically, Bankruptcy and Arbitration. Taking the words of José María Alonso, current dean of the Madrid Bar Association, making the decision has been “torture”, since he has always been closely linked to this institution and means stepping aside.

Reviewing his four years at the head of the Seville Bar Association, Cisneros defines them as “intense”, especially due to the incidence of the coronavirus pandemic in the day-to-day of the institution and, especially, in the practice of law in Seville: restrictions on access to judicial offices, masks, screens, teleworking,…

It has had to continue claiming before the Junta de Andalucía, when it has corresponded, the payment of the fees of the lawyers attached to the Free Justice service, the office shift.

achievements and disappointments

The pandemic and its effects on the activity of Sevillian lawyers have had their influence on the development of the electoral program with which Cisneros and his team presented themselves for the elections four years ago, since the coronavirus has required a lot of effort on the part of the board of government.

Among his achievements, the start-up of theCommission of the Advocate of the Lawyer, led by María Jesús Gimeno and Juan Piñeyro. In its first two years of life, after starting up in the spring of 2019, this service has dealt with some two hundred complaints from members, to whom it has given “protection” in their claims or claims before the courts, Ministry of Justice or before entities as diverse as the General Directorate of Traffic.

Continuing candidacy?

In the last stretch of his mandate, he has also had to experience an intense debate within the College that left a bad taste in his mouth, as was the vote for the name change of the institutionwhich brought together some three hundred members in an extraordinary general meeting.

The governing board has already approved the electoral process. The deadline for the nominations. Now it remains to be seen if someone from the current Cisneros team takes the step forward and decides to opt for the Deanship, and who or who ventures to present an alternative candidacy.

The Seville Bar Association seeks a new dean