The teacher Paco Contreras retires at the Virgen de la Antigua School

He trained in this center and later worked as a teacher and director of it for 27 years.

After almost 40 years as an EGB and Primary teacher, the sexitano teacher retired this week Francisco Contreras Rodriguez at the Virgen de la Antigua College, where he has practiced for 27 years.

Reaching retirement, as its name suggests, is a very special and joyful moment for any worker, and even more so when that profession is practiced with love and surrounded by day-to-day colleagues. Not everyone has or had that luck, so the sensations are also extraordinary, according to the majority of those who reach that moment.


The teacher Paco, as the students know him, began his professional career in 1986, when he became part of the Teachers Corps as an interim, giving classes in Granada towns such as: Domingo Pérez, Alamedilla, Guadahortuna, Baza, Armilla and Almuñécar.

He managed to access as a career civil servant by approving the teaching oppositions for the specialty of Sciences in 1988, being assigned to the towns of La Herradura, Otívar and Olvera (Cádiz).


In 1995, and after approving the teaching oppositions for the second time but now for the specialty of Music, he is assigned to the school VIRGIN OF THE ANCIENTfrom Almuñécar, where he worked as a music teacher from 1996 to 2000. He also performed the functions of Cycle Coordinator and in 2001 he was appointed director of the Center, a position he held for eleven school years.


Francisco Contreras Rodríguez is a teacher by profession, musician and hobby bricklayer, born in Almuñécar, in the Cortijo Contreras de la Loma de Velilla. He entered the schools of the town that existed at that time (1967) under the name “Agrupación Nacional Nuestra Señora de la Antigua” at the age of five, in the class of the teacher D. José Pontes that was located on Nueva street.

Later, with the advent of the Education Law of 1970, Francisco Contreras and his classmates were the first to study at the EGB, in what is now called the “Nuestra Señora de la Antigua Mixed School Association” which, with the passage of Over the years and the arrival of democracy, it would be renamed Colegio Virgen de la Antigua. He studies with the teachers: Pedro Torres, Isabel Guzmán, José Ruiz and Mª Dolores Rull. At the same time he enrolled as a musician in the beginnings of the Almuñécar Municipal Music Band.


After obtaining the Graduate School Title in 1974, he studied BUP and COU at the “Antigua Sexi” Institute in Almuñécar with the professors Miguel Ávila and Gabriel, among others. He completed his university studies in the eighties at the University of Granada, obtained a Diploma in Basic General Education Teachers (Science Specialty) and a Bachelor’s Degree in Pedagogy from the Faculty of Education Sciences.

The teacher Paco Contreras retires at the Virgen de la Antigua School – Diario Sexitano