The works of the Doctor Esquerdo de La Vila school are accelerated to open it in April

A new school in a privileged location with sea views. The works to build the new CEIP Doctor Esquerdo de The Vila Joiosa They have been underway for months and are accelerating to be able to meet the proposed deadlines and that schoolchildren open facilities in April 2023. That is the forecast that the Ministry of Education has on the table and that will allow students to put aside decades in barracks to teach in a modern building with a large patio.

This is how the general director of Educational Infrastructures, Víctor García, has advanced this Thursday, in a visit to the works together with the mayor of Vila, Andreu Verdú; the Councilor for Education, Xente Sebastià; the Councilor for Town Planning, Pedro Alemany; and municipal technicians and members of the educational community. Work is progressing at full speed so that the facilities are ready before the end of the 2022/2023 academic year and schoolchildren can open the new building.

The forecast is that in March the work is finished and the furniture can begin to be installed and the cleaning and adaptation is carried out so that, after the Easter holidays in the month of April, the students can move to the new school and finally leave the barracks aside. This is the forecast that García explained that is being considered from the Department of Education.

The building of the new school in La Vila Joiosa. David Revenge

The CEIP Doctor Esquerdo is being built on a municipal plot ceded for it on Ciudad de Requena avenue, a privileged place. And it is that from the new classes and facilities the students will be able to teach with the sea in the background. Quite a change after more than 40 years installing the school provisionally in barracks. The works of the new school began in June 2021 with the first movements of earth to be able to level the land.

The works were considered of special technical difficulty due to the conditions of the site, with large unevenness and low electrical power. Once the land was adequate, construction began on what will be the future facilities. The Esquerdo project has a budget of 4,486,734.45 euros without taxes and is included in the Pla Edificant of the Generalitat, that is, the plan by which the municipalities take charge of all the procedures and the execution of the works which will then be financially reimbursed by the Consell.

the new school It will be divided into two buildings, one for Early Childhood Education and a main building for Primary which will also house the gym, administration and general services. On the outside, two concrete sports courts had been planned, but that space will change. During the visit to the works, García has raised, after the request of the center itself, that one of the slopes be changed for a more natural area “and with less concrete” that will house from a school garden and garden areas, according to “dedicates the educative community”.

For his part, he Mayor and the Councilor for Education They have thanked the “commitment and trust” placed by the Generalitat with the educational community of La Vila with the construction of these centers, as well as with other actions carried out through the Edificant plan that allow dignifying the local schools by modernizing their facilities .

The Doctor Álvaro Esquerdo school is one of the three centers in the municipality that had had barracks for decades. In fact, in La Vila Joiosa, until this course, about 1,000 students taught in this type of classroom in the municipality. In September, schoolchildren from CEIP Gasparot dThey left the prefabricated classrooms behind and also opened a new school built by Education.

It’s done like that the IES Marcos Zaragoza, with more than a decade in that situation, for which the new project is already being drafted to create a decent school for students. In fact, the budget has gone from 11 to 22 million and includes not only building a new building next to the current facilities as planned in the first project drafted; it has also been chosen for demolishing the current building and building a new one to further improve this school.

García and Verdú have also met this Thursday with the educational community of the IES Marcos Zaragoza to discuss the investment of those 22 million euros through the Edificant plan in this institute, which serves a thousand students, with the aim of eliminating the prefabricated classrooms and expand the facilities.

A moment of the visit to the building under construction in La Vila. David Revenge

“From the moment in which the Department of Education delegates an action of the Edificant plan to a town hall, we are ensuring that this work will be carried out and that it will have the necessary funds to make it a reality,” García said. And he has given as an example precisely the case of IES Marcos Zaragoza, where “to the 11.4 million euros of investment that we initially assigned to expand the institute we have added another 10.6 million more” both “with the aim of giving a better response to the current and future educational needs of La Vila Joiosa and to guarantee the execution of the work given the increase in the costs of construction materials due to the War in Ukraine”.

42.5 million from the Consell to La Vila

The contribution of more funds to build the IES Marcos Zaragoza again, highlights the general director, “increases the investment of the Ministry of Education in the improvement of schools and institutes” of the municipality. And he also stressed that they generate “more than a thousand jobs in the construction sector.”

Thus he added that the educational commitment of the Generalitat in La Vila with the construction of the “recently inaugurated” CEIP Gasparot, and with programs such as the Edificant plan, is allowing a “historic investment of more than 42 million euros” in the municipality in educational matters. The works of the CEIP Doctor Álvaro Esquerdo “are already entering the final stage and we hope by Easter to be able to open it to students and teachers for their use, and thus we will fulfill a historical debt with the educational community of the center; a fact that we hope to repeat in the shortest time possible with the community of the IES Marcos Zaragoza, for which a large new center has been projected according to its educational needs”.

The rest of the actions of the Edificant plan in La Vila Joiosa have been works to improve energy efficiency and accessibility that the council has already carried out both in the CEIP Hispanidad (for more than 1 million euros) as in the EEC Secanet (for more than 760,000 euros), works with the same purpose in the CEIP Mare Nostrum, for more than 1.1 million euros.

The Ministry and the City Council are working on the processing of two new actions by Edificant for the comprehensive reform and expansion of the CEIP María Francisca Ruiz Miquel and CEIP Poble Nou, which, for the moment, add up to an initial investment of 4.5 million euros globally. In addition, work is also being done to incorporate the reform of the IES La Malladeta in a performance in which the actions and the investment to be made are still being analysed.

The 42.6 million euros invested by the Ministry of Education in the schools and institutes of the municipality are part of the almost 69 million that the department allocates to improve 26 educational centers in 11 municipalities of La Marina Baixa: L’Alfàs del Pi, Altea, Benidorm, Benimantell, Callosa d’en Sarrià, Finestrat, La Nucía, Polop, Relleu, Tàrbena and La Vila.

The IES Pere María de Benidorm awaits your project

While the construction of new centers and buildings advances in La Vila Joiosa to end the barracks, in Benidorm, the educational community of the IES Pere Maria Orts i Bosch and the City Council are still waiting for a solution to also remove the prefabricated classrooms from this center. The general director of Educational Infrastructures, Víctor García, told this newspaper that the process to draft the new project continues its course: “We already awarded the drafting of the project” and “by the end of the years we could already have that execution document”.

The next step will be technicians from the Conselleria “review the project”, that could take “between 1 or 2 months”. And when “we have the approval, with the updated prices, by March we could be in a position to tender the works” of this center. That is at least the forecast that is handled at this time. Thus, he stressed that in the budgets of the Generalitat for 2023 an item is included to start these works.

As this newspaper already published, andhe demolition and the work of the IES Pere Maria Orts will cost €600,224. Education estimates that the contract will be developed in two differentiated phases: on the one hand, the actual drafting of the projects necessary to carry it out; on the other, the execution of the work itself.

The history of this center to eliminate barracks is also long. construction started in 2009with the PP in the Generalitat. In 2011when the works were in their last phase, the bankruptcy of the first winning company led her to abandon the construction from one day to the next, leaving all the construction material piled up in the patio and without even saying goodbye.

After four years without activity, the change in the government of the Generalitat came with a plan to eradicate the barracks in the Community and they promised to finish the works of this institute in the first half of 2016. Finally, in February 2017, the new construction company hired by Education for 1.3 million, Construcciones San José, resumed the work that was still remaining. But two months later, they left their jobs for a few structural damage in the first building of this center, which the company in charge of the works detected.

The damage to the structure was more serious than initially believed, largely due to the years of neglect of this part of the building. The solution: tear down the entire building and build a new onewhose execution project was tendered in March 2021 and has already been awarded.

The works of the Doctor Esquerdo de La Vila school are accelerated to open it in April