They ask to release a Catholic school teacher captured in Soyapango

Mauricio Esteban Morán Salazar is a teacher and painter and was captured during the military siege installed in Soyapango. Family, friends and artists ask for his release.

Family and friends have united on social networks for the release of the teacher and painter Mauricio Esteban Morán Salazar, captured on December 21, within the framework of the military fence installed in the municipality of Soyapango.

The military sieges of municipalities are carried out as part of the emergency regime ordered by President Nayib Bukele, since March 27 and which has been extended nine times.

Morán Salazar, 48, was intercepted by a group of police and soldiers when he was going to pay some bills in the municipality. After searching him and seeing that he had tattoos, the State agents forced him to undress. According to relatives, the tattoos have no relationship with criminal groups, but are artistic.

However, the police and soldiers proceeded to capture him. When the family asked the reason for his arrest, the agents said that they had arrested him in flagrante delicto, but without explaining what crime he was committing at the time of his arrest.

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Then, the agents returned all their belongings to his family: including a cell phone, a USB flash drive, and a sketch book, in which the agents found no evidence linking the captured man to the gangs.

“One of the most timely investigations is to extract information from the electronic devices seized from the suspect, since there are conversations, photos, telephone numbers,” one of his relatives said on networks.

Finding nothing on the devices and not being able to justify the act of flagrante, the agents said that Mauricio had a criminal record. However, one of his relatives explained that Morán was prosecuted several years ago, but was acquitted by the Third Sentencing Court of San Salvador, for the charges against him, according to the documentation they have in their can.

“The space in that cell should be for a true suspect and not for a Bachelor of Arts who dedicates his life to teaching and art,” his brother wrote.

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Mauricio has been working for eight years as a chess and graphic design teacher in a Catholic school, where he has received dozens of awards, as evidenced by the diplomas and certificates that this educational institution has given him.

In addition, the teacher is very well known in the local art world because he studied for a degree in arts at the University of El Salvador, from which he graduated with a Coefficient of Merit Units (CUM) of 8.37, according to the registry. of note shown by their relatives.

Mauricio has participated in different painting exhibitions and events related to the dissemination and teaching of art.

In October 2020, he participated in a Virtual Collective Drawing Show together with artists from El Salvador, Argentina and Honduras.

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In October of this year, Mauricio together with the art and culture management of the municipal mayor of Soyapango held an exhibition called “Ephemeral” in order to promote soyapango art.

The activity was carried out within the framework of the patron saint festivities of the municipality. Artists expressed their solidarity with the teacher and painter and said they hope for his early release.

They ask to release a Catholic school teacher captured in Soyapango