They chose an engineering school after the baccalaureate, a preparatory course or a BTS

TESTIMONIALS. There are 185,600 students enrolled in engineering training. How did the students make their choice between post-baccalaureate, post-preparatory engineering schools or through parallel admissions? L’Etudiant asked Lilou, Maxime and Roman about their studies.

The great diversity of admission routes makes engineering schools more accessible. whether directly after the baccalaureate, after a preparatory course or in parallel admissionsthe choice is yours!

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Entering an engineering school after a scientific preparatory course

The most popular route by students remains the preparatory class for the Grandes Ecoles (CPGE). It is in this direction that Maxime headed who followed a preparatory maths-physics (MP) before joining Centrale Lille. “I knew I wanted to become an engineer. I discovered in prep an atmosphere that is really conducive to work and a very stimulating environment, far from the prejudices that one can have about this demanding training.”

The young man made the decision to to repeat their second year of preparatory studies in order to join a high-ranking generalist school. He chose Centrale Lille for his international development. “The school has signed a lot of degree agreements with partners abroad. I thought it was important for a school to have a network. You can also do a double degree in the third year… and go abroad! I would love to go to Sweden.”

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A post-baccalaureate engineering school to begin practice

Lilou is finishing her second year at Polytech Nice Sophia. She wanted to join a post-baccalaureate engineering school directly after his senior year. The young woman did not wish to follow a CPGE so as not to be under the pressure of competitions and confront the practice. “My studies allowed me to develop my autonomy and my sense of organization. I was able to project myself into the engineering profession by working on IT and electronics projects.”

Lilou particularly liked management courses to learn how to lead a team. She already has some ideas for the rest of her professional career. “I chose the mechanical specialty for the third year. I would like to go to the aeronautical sector or work in the environment.”

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Go to an engineering school after a BTS

Roman is a sophomore at Sigma Clermont. The young man is distinguished by his unusual career. After completing a work-study machining technician baccalaureate, he chose a BTS Design of product manufacturing processes. “I didn’t necessarily want to stay on the benches of the school so I followed this path out of desire and professional choice. Many think that it is a dead end when you can always continue after this diploma. application with work experience in addition to your studies is an advantage.”

Roman now follows the engineering cycle by apprenticeship in mechanical and industrial engineering. His knowledge of the industrial world constitutes a serious asset in the success of his training. “It’s a very good way to get started in the professional world and create a network.”

To choose his engineering school, Roman recommends looking at how the student life of the school unfolds. “Even as an apprentice you can afford to have a strong involvement, it all depends on your temperament and the desire to get involved in school life.”

They chose an engineering school after the baccalaureate, a preparatory course or a BTS