They demand an urgent plan at the El Tarajal school in Malaga to finish a

The PSOE urges the City Council of Malaga to implement a comprehensive plan for rat extermination and disinsection in the El Tarajal schoolin the district of bluebells“in view of the proliferation of rat infestation that are jeopardizing the coexistence and health security of boys and girls, and the rest of the educative community“.

This was stated by the socialist spokesman, Daniel Pérez, together with the mayor Rubén Viruel and mothers of students who have participated this Monday in a concentration and a press conference to present the motion that the PSOE will defend in plenary this Thursday.

For a few weeks, “rats roam freely throughout the building. They sneak into the kitchen walking around with food, they can be seen in the bathrooms. In fact, children are so afraid that there have been little ones who have peed themselves to avoid going to the toilet,” Pérez explained.

“We demand that the City Council carry out efficient rat extermination and it is urgent that it do so, because some parents have stopped taking their children to school until the problem is resolved”, insisted the socialist leader.

“For weeks, the government team in the City Council has learned about the problems in the El Tarajal educational center through the protests of the educational community. AMPA has sent their demands through the Campanillas District Board and they still have no response,” added Daniel Pérez.

For this reason, the socialist group will defend a motion “so that what today has become a public health problem is urgently tackled, while the mayor Paco de la Torre is unable to show his face and the Education Delegation does not has yet uttered”.

Closure of CEIP Intelhorce

In addition to the problem with rodents, with the closure of the CEIP Intelhorce, also in the vicinity of the La Huertecilla industrial estate, its educational community moved to the El Tarajal school, so “there is duplication of teachers, directors, students, even dining rooms. They are two schools in one and there is no spaceis saturated,” said the person in charge of Education in the socialist group, Rubén Viruel.

“The Board promised to make another Intelhorce school due to the structural failures of the center. That was four years ago. The government of Moreno Bonilla has turned its back on the educational community of CEIP Intelhorce and is to blame for the saturation at CEIP El Tarajal”, he criticized.

The socialist will also ask this Thursday for a cleaning plan around the center: “We are in a polygon where a large amount of waste is generated, both organic and plastic and glass, and we see that the containers are insufficient, in addition to the fact that more must be cleaned,” Viruel indicated. “You just have to keep an eye on the environment, it is degraded and dirty. It is not the best picture for the children who come to class.”

For this reason, the socialist responsible for Education will defend “that all demands be met, such as the repair of the 20 broken blinds and the holes in some sections of the flooring in the center due to expansion”, in addition to light deficiencies in some classrooms and on the outdoor track.

They demand an urgent plan at the El Tarajal school in Malaga to finish a