They protest at the Chilpancingo High School for sexual harassment of an employee against the reporter María Avilés

By Alina Navarrete Fernandez

women journalists of Warrior protested at the General Directorate of the Colegio de Bachilleres (Cobach) in chilpancingo against the sexual harassmentafter the reporter María Avilés Rodríguez she was harassed by an administrative worker.

On Wednesday, María Avilés was covering a protest in the vicinity of the La Avispa Museum when she was harassed by Antonyadministrative worker Cobach squad 1who was not part of the demonstration, took photographs and recorded a video of the reporter in a clear act of sexual harassment.

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When he was faced, Antonio Campos He reduced the fact to the fact that María “looks pretty” and for that reason alone he considered that he could capture her image on his cell phone. The journalist looked for a police officer to assist her, but since there was none in the area, she was supported by two reporters, with whom she demanded that the man delete the images of her.

This Thursday a group of women journalistsbacked by male colleagues, protested in the offices with banners containing messages such as “Zero tolerance for harassment in the streets” and “My clothes do not define my journalistic practice”.

Through a pronouncement, the journalists They pointed out that it is not the first time that Maria Aviles is a victim of assaults by different political and social actors while exercising his journalistic profession.

“In this case, the aggressor is a member of a school community, his behavior indicates that there is a risk for the young students of the institution where he works.”

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They claimed that the sexual harassment in public spaces it is a very serious social problem, “unfortunately normalized by the patriarchy that justifies the aggressor and holds the aggrieved person responsible for the conduct of another”; In addition, the authorities impose on the victim the responsibility of presenting evidence in the event of a complaint, for acts generally committed in a veiled or hidden manner.

They pointed out that it is up to the state to address, sanction and eradicate this behavior that occurs frequently at work, at school and on the street. Given this scenario, they demanded that Governor Evelyn Salgado Pineda “at least implement a deep, broad and effective strategy of dissemination in the media to generate the cultural change that is needed.”

They also demanded that the authorities “guarantee our rights as women and members of the journalistic union.”

Finally, they warned that they will not accept blaming the victims and justifying the aggressors, “much less that these sexist behaviors continue to be normalized”; and called on women to demonstrate sexual harassment and harassment, as well as all attacks and violations of their human rights, “whether anonymously or publicly”.

They protest at the Chilpancingo High School for sexual harassment of an employee against the reporter María Avilés