This is the school that seeks to train entrepreneurs from childhood

Much of the world’s economy is generated through entrepreneurship, which has become a development engine for the entire ecosystem. Hence, the importance of promoting an innovative pedagogical model, so that the new generations create companies, boost the economy of their regions and develop the essential skills that are required in the 21st century.

Recently, Confecamaras pointed out that 2021 closed with a very positive balance in terms of entrepreneurship in the country after the creation of 307,679 new companies throughout the national territory and with an increase of 10.6% compared to 2020.

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However, still young people say that starting a new company is increasingly difficult, according to a study carried out last year by the Universidad del Rosario, since they do not know how to do it or do not have the necessary training to lead a new project.

The lack of entrepreneurship training and skills is largely due to the fact that schools do not evaluate the relevance and importance of promoting in their curriculum subjects that promote in students soft skills and a greater entrepreneurial spiritwithout neglecting the fact that teachers are still trapped in traditional methodologies and do not yet have the skills to teach the skills of the future.

The school that seeks to train enterprising children

All this context led the Cartagena International School to transform your educational program to, in addition to covering the basic subjects of knowledge, include the areas of entrepreneurship, financial intelligence, emotional intelligence, robotics and programming with the aim of fostering curiosity, innovation and development.

is vital train a generation of entrepreneurs and transform the central axis of education towards the true needs of the 21st century student and we have achieved this in our school through entrepreneurship”, says Daniela Carvajalino, president of the Cartagena International School.

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In this institution, students receive the entrepreneurship class as a curricular subject as important as science, language or mathematics. ”Teaching entrepreneurship is not done through a board and the memorization of formulas and that is precisely the key to the success of our program.” explains the expert.

This type of education has objective superior to that of creating a company, it is a pedagogical project in order to awaken those skills essentials that are personally and professionally important for the 21st century. “For that reason, most of our students graduate and in one hand, they carry the diploma and in the other a registration of their company.Carvajalino added.

How are they training small entrepreneurs?

To promote student entrepreneurship, the school it not only has a student chamber of commerce, but also organizes business fairs and international trips to cities such as Hong Kong, London, Atlanta and Toronto, where students have the opportunity to present their projects and interact with CEOs and directors of the largest and most important companies in the world.

In addition, within the strategy of stimulating the entrepreneurial spirit, the institution implements the so-called ‘talent clubs‘, whose purpose is to develop the natural entrepreneurial inclinations of each student.

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We believe that the potential of children is infinite and it is our job as a school to create spaces for them to discover and develop that potential, with classes that range from piloting drones to creating valuable content on YouTube”, highlights Daniela Carvajalino.

Tips to support entrepreneurial children

The entrepreneurial expert revealed four tips so that children can develop their companies and have greater financial intelligence from an early age:

  1. Encourage saving and investment from an early age as a fun everyday habit.
  2. Turn the house into an entrepreneurship laboratory, and the best way to learn is by playing, using Monopoly-style games and inventing educational experiments.
  3. Take advantage of everyday moments to learn stories of great entrepreneurs or by doing a financial intelligence exercise in the supermarket.
  4. It is relevant to let them make their own decisions. It is important to trust them and give them autonomy and independence at an early age. Thus they are exposed to situations where they must decide on what is best on each occasion.

This is the school that seeks to train entrepreneurs from childhood