Two books to reflect on the Country, the South, School and Health

Gomitoli workshops of Dedalus Social Cooperative will host the presentation of the books Fare Scuola a Scampia – Good digital practices for educational cohesion by Nicola Cotugno e Unequal by Rosetta Pope, Monday January 16, 2023at 17.00.

Starting from the books, a choral discussion will unfold with the author on the following articles of the Italian Constitution:

Article 3: “It is the duty of the Republic to remove the obstacles of an economic and social nature which, by effectively limiting the freedom and equality of citizens, prevent the full development of the human person and the effective participation of all workers in the political, economic and social organization of the country”

Art. 32: “The Republic protects health as a fundamental right of the individual and in the interest of the community, and guarantees free care to the indigent…”

Art. 33: “Art and science are free and their teaching is free. The Republic lays down the general rules on education and establishes state schools for all types and levels. Entities and individuals have the right to establish schools and educational institutes, at no cost to the State”

Art. 34: “The school is open to all. Lower education, imparted for at least eight years, is compulsory and free. The capable and deserving, even if without means, have the right to reach the highest levels of studies”

The books:

– The thirty-year pedagogical experience of Nicola Cotugno, architect and professor of Technology at the ITI Galileo Ferraris in Naples, told in the book Fare scuola a Scampia. Good digital practices for educational cohesion, has a preface by Eraldo Affinati and an afterword by Marco Rossi-Doria. It is the narration of a school that aspires to become an instrument of civic and social redemption, as well as growth and training. From the direct testimony of the students, protagonists of the innovative practices carried out in the institute, it emerges how much these teaching strategies fight boredom and early school leaving and how digital tools and a humanistic use of technologies become effective in restoring the centrality of the school, often blocked and anachronistic. which distances young people from the interest and from the classrooms, with the aim of restoring its importance and rediscovering its meaning.

Two books to reflect on Paese Sud Scuola and Salute2

– Disuguali is the latest book by Rosetta Papa, a gynecologist who worked for forty years in public health and directed the Women’s Health unit of ASL Napoli 1 for fifteen years. In 1981, she opened one of the first family clinics in the city and he is currently part of the Birth Path Committee of the Campania Region. The text has a preface by Livia Turco and the proceeds from the sale will be donated to Doctors Without Borders. Through the analysis of data on the social determinants of health, which verify the relationship between poverty, unemployment, educational qualifications and state of health, a scenario emerges that sees the South trapped in a perverse spiral, apparently with no way out, aggravated by the pandemic from Covid-19 which has further highlighted the inequalities.

Two books to reflect on Paese Sud Scuola and Salute2

Speeches by Eugenia Carfora, manager of the Morano Institute in the Green Park of Caivano are foreseen; Silvana Casertano, former head teacher; Mario Fusco, head of the Cancer Registry of the ASL Napoli 3 Sud; Chiara Giorgi, professor at Sapienza University of Rome, Basso Foundation; Luciano Gualdieri, doctor; Loretta Mussi, former General Manager of ASL Benevento. The discussion is coordinated by Andrea Morniroli, Dedalus Cooperativa Sociale.


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Two books to reflect on the Country, the South, School and Health