UGL School press release on the day against violence against women

We receive and publish a press release sent to us by the Press Office of the UGL School National Federation.

Day against violence against women: the proposal by Ornella Cuzzupi (UGL)

“Violence against women is a sign of the degradation and immorality that hides in the folds of modern society. However, the day against this terrible phenomenon must find its own logic only by indicating the antibodies so that the Society can be reclaimed from this insult to humanity. Something that cannot be further postponed if we want to avoid counting tragedies and victims”.

This is how Ornella Cuzzupi, National Secretary of the UGL School and Regional Manager of UGL Calabria expresses herself. A battle that the trade unionist herself has been waging for years.

“It is necessary to have a clear overall picture of the phenomenon too often superficially delimited in contingent situations and ends in themselves. Here we are not dealing with an aspect limited only to family contexts or single individuals but to a more complex vision of relationships between people. We cannot differentiate this type of violence from the ethics that every society should inspire. Violence against women means denying the very value of life and therefore requires profound answers that must be well structured from the beginning of the educational process. On this the scholastic institution must assume an absolute importance. Just as Italian, mathematics and every other subject form women and men of the future, in the same way education to affectivity and maximum respect for ethical values ​​must forge a society that renounces all forms of violence especially towards women and fragile”.

An aspect, the latter, on which Ornella Cuzzupi intends to raise a broad discussion with all the institutional figures that can have a positive impact.

“Inserting the topics indicated in the context of programs linked to citizenship education in an articulated but precise manner, starting from the very first years of school up to specific training in the workplace, is an indispensable perspective for a society that wants to be fair and modern. To build a future where the disasters linked to the barbaric violence against women and, more generally, against the weak are isolated accidents and not dramatic sequels of dozens and dozens of cases, it is necessary to plan immediately what to do. We as UGL School ask Minister Valditara and Undersecretary Frassinetti for a specific meeting to verify opportunities, ways and methods to create an adequate space for this issue in institutions of all levels. We as UGL are also willing to meet local administrators and school leaders to address the issue. Now is the time to have the courage to leave behind any alibi and aim not only to hit these actions as hard as possible, but to build something so that such actions no longer find any fertile ground”.

UGL National School Federation

UGL Calabria Regional Secretariat

Rome, 24 November 2022

UGL School press release on the day against violence against women – ScuolaInforma