For its ninth year of existence, the municipal dance school of Valence d’Agen is doing very well. During the first years, the number of members increased steadily, thanks to the many performances which made it possible to be visible and to create the desire to dance among the spectators, who each year push the door of the dance school to register. From the beginning, Nicolas and Sandy Massip’s wish was to focus on the stage and the shows. This is also the reason why the couple of professors created the “Ten’Danse” Company. This company makes it possible to transmit and share their experience, their experience as artists, with their students and the local public. During the two years of Covid, everything was done to keep the dance school on track and lose a minimum of students despite the many difficulties that arose every two weeks… The year 2022 will have been a deliverance that has allowed to set up and present many shows with the dance school and the Company and to restart in September 2022 with a record number of members, as Nicolas points out. “We have 230 students, and this motivates us for the future, next year we will celebrate the tenth anniversary of the school! Among these 230 students, 200 are children from 4 to 17 years old and 30 are adults. We can also say that we have nine boys from 4 years old to adulthood. This year, it is a joy for us to be able to count on an increasing number of boys. 2022-2023 also marks the return of life, the conviviality and exchanges between teachers, students and parents, it does us all the greatest good!Parents can admire their children during lessons from the large window of the reception on the ground floor or from that of The children are delighted to share their passion with them and for the teachers it is essential, the values ​​that we want to transmit are those of sharing, respect and mutual aid. it seems normal to us but when we arrived in Valencia in 2014, our first wish was to make the municipal dance school inclusive. We often say “give access to culture to as many people as possible”. Well, we made those words a reality, and that’s our greatest satisfaction for both of us.”

An inclusive school

The school has 230 students, some of whom (around ten) have motor and/or psychological disabilities. They are perfectly integrated and flourish when dancing. We must hope that 2023 will be as good a season, if not better than 2022.

New shows are programmed, including the first with the “Ten’Danse” Company, on February 4 at the Apollo, in favor of the Téléthon, with the Piano Rose troupe in the first part. Reservations are available at the Valence d’Agen Tourist Office on 05 63 39 61 67 or online:

The next one will take place on March 18 with Compagnie TenDanse in Golfech. On June 30 and July 1, the dance school galas will take place at Les Abattoirs. We’ll come back later to talk in detail about the other shows scheduled for 2023.

Valence-d’Agen. “Ten’Danse”: the results of the municipal dance school