VIDEO. “Hold the road!”, From school to the French truck racing championships at Le Mans

In the footsteps of the student mechanics of Bron, for a year the documentary “Tiens la route!” followed them from high school to the track of the French truck racing championships at Le Mans. A story of transmission, and learning to discover this Thursday, September 22 at 11:50 p.m.

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They are apprentice mechanics. Bac pro and BTS students at the Emile Béjuit automotive school in Bron. They have, during a school year, prepared a truck. Not just any: the one that will be driven by their teacher in the French truck racing championship at Le Mans. This is serious ! And it is above all an educational project carried out for 7 years.

The objective, gentlemen, is to restart the truck!

Pierre Parsus, teacher-pilot

The truck is the one offered by a former pro driver. He put one condition: his restoration. What 15 students are doing. Volunteers at all levels. For logistical reasons, only 8 of them will go to Le Mans. They know it but whatever.

Everyone brings the same enthusiasm, the same desire: to learn and progress. And the best way to learn is to get your hands dirty. It is even more effective when you add a goal: “We did not sign in a professional baccalaureate to do oil changes and platelets” says Anis Khalfaoui. A former student of the first team involved in the race, he is now a teacher and one of the project supervisors with Pierre Parsus and Cécile Miral.

Between Mickaël who has the passion for the truck “and Erwan who arrived in BTS” without knowing how a motor was working The same challenge is being played out: that of the Le Mans circuit, among the pros.

We didn’t win but we feel like we made it onto the podium!

Erwan, heavyweight mechanical BTS student

This is the portrait of a team that Laureline Amanieux’s film paints. There are individual paths and above all the common desire to get there together. And they get there! “Knowing that we have contributed to this truck being able to run on a circuit is a great joy” says Michael. And the teacher Anis Khalfaoui to add: “At first, 7 years ago, nobody believed in it. Today we have partners and we are in the French championship among the professional teams”. An adventure that does not roll mechanics but in which everyone discovers themselves better. Did the Béjuit Racing Truck 69 truck win at Le Mans in September 2021? Not the title of champion of France… “We may have finished 21 out of 25, but we feel like we’ve made it onto the podium! », rejoices Erwan.

“Hold the road!” by Laureline Amanieux (co-production Rétroviseur Productions, FTV), a documentary to be found this Thursday, September 22 at 11:50 p.m. and in replay on

VIDEO. “Hold the road!”, From school to the French truck racing championships at Le Mans