Video: Mom slapped a young man who allegedly bullied her son at a school

Bullying is an offensive practice that takes place in various life scenarios and one of them is education, which is why a mother in Argentina retaliated on her own to initially defend her son.

The cases of victims of bullying are one of the social problems that concerns each country. For example, according to the International NGO Bullying Without Borders for Latin America and Spain, in Guatemala “7 out of 10 children suffer some kind of bullying every day”The same happens in Argentina and other countries that make up the region.

In this way, the parent of a young man in Neuquén, a municipality located in Argentine Patagonia, was recorded in an audiovisual piece, at the end of June and that in the last few hours went viral, when he entered a classroom without permission. where his son studies and went to the student who allegedly mistreated him.

The compilations shared by the digital newspaper Events Pueblashow the moment in which the lady did not care to see that a teacher was giving a class when she entered and went to the back of the room; Standing in front of the desk of the student who accused her son, the woman began to speak to him in a defiant tone.

“Are you threatening my son? Nobody touches my son!”were the words of the mother of the 15-year-old boy, from the CPEM 33 school in Neuquén.

After this, without taking into account the consequences, the woman slapped the student in front of the teacher and the group of students in the class. Immediately, one of the young people, amazed, said: “He hit him!”

Immediately afterwards, the teacher approached the woman and told her that she should leave the classroom, while everything was recorded on a video that was recorded by a person who accompanied her to the middle and high school institution.

Consequently, local media detail that it was announced that the father of the beaten minor filed a complaint with the local police station. According to what was specified, the two minors do not share the same classes, but in a gymnastics instruction they had a misunderstanding.

“This lady’s son goes to the second (seventh grade) and mine, to the third (eighth)”, clarified Santiago Quiroga, the young man’s guardian, to the local media LM Neuquen.

“They got into a fight over a sandwich and the guy punched him in the eye. That was when the young man called his mother and told her that my son had hit him, “added the father of the family.

In that sense, the man’s statements explain that the young man would have lied to his mother and pretended to be the victim.

Since the encounter between the minors, “the seventh grade student had not returned to study, saying that he was afraid to attend and that the other students would bully him,” the formal complaint indicates.

Likewise, the father of the young man, who was slapped by the adult, also specified in the complaint that this is not the first time that the parents of the second grade high school student have had altercations of this type.

“The town is small and we all know each other. This family is not the first time that it has problems with violence. They have already beaten a bus driver and also other boys who did not dare to file a complaint”, he specified.

Next, the video fragment in which the mother confronted the young man who allegedly abused her son:

Video: Mom slapped a young man who allegedly bullied her son at a school