«We will take our children to school today because we do not want their absenteeism»

Parents leaving the Nuestra Señora de la Soledad school in a file image. / TODAY

The parents of Nuestra Señora de la Soledad regret that Education “only proposes measures, but not solutions” to their request to change their tutor due to their continued faults

Rocio Romero

The 12 children from the Nuestra Señora de la Soledad school, in San Roque, who did not attend class the first two days of the course will join the classroom this Wednesday. The families decided not to enter as a pressure measure for Education to change the tutor of the Primary class they attend, after continuous assistance last year. Parents denounce that it has harmed the children’s education.

“We will take our children to school this Wednesday because we do not want their absenteeism,” explains Sonia Briones, who acts as a spokesperson for the families. But not because Education or the center has given them a solution or has responded to their request to assign them another tutor due to the teacher’s continued absence during the 2021 and 2022 academic years.

Until mid-February of this year there were skipped absences, with which the children had no one to take care of them. The rest of the teachers in the center replaced this teacher until, from the second semester, as it was a continuous absence and a drop, Education granted a substitute who finished the course. The parents then noticed that the children were advancing in their training. The fear that families have is that absences will be repeated and their children’s education will be harmed.

This Tuesday they had the tutoring meeting to present the course to parents and inform them of the news. This meeting with the teacher was also attended by the head of studies and the director of the Nuestra Señora de la Soledad school. After talking about the new course, the parents’ claim has been dealt with, which the Secretary General for Education, Fran Amaya, also referred to on Monday.

“The parties present there have explained our position and the reason for our protest and we have explained what we have brought to Inspection and Education,” explains Sonia Briones. “After this, the school has informed us of the measures proposed from Education. After listening to the measures, we have really all been left with the feeling that we do not know if they are positive or negative for any of the parties, ”says this mother.

These measures commit the Administration to provide substitutes with more agility in the case of medical leave or repeated absences, or to prepare reports that take stock of the teaching that is imparted. “Everything is up in the air. It is not a solution today, “says Sonia Briones.

«The children join class tomorrow because we do not want the absenteeism of our children. If a solution is not offered, the little ones cannot continue without going to class. We don’t know if or how the protests will continue,” she notes.

This Wednesday the little ones will go to the center and find the same teacher as last year in front of their class. Parents asked that another tutor be assigned to them and that this teacher work without being in charge of the classroom, but this has not been met. “It has not been considered by any of the parties.”

The management of the center has indicated to the parents that neither the school nor the teacher can reject the position of tutor, since it is assigned from Education and the job cannot be refused. “By his own decision he cannot say that he is not a tutor,” explains Sonia Briones.

Parents do not doubt the justification for the teacher’s absences nor do they want to go into the reasons, but they demand a solution so that these do not affect their children.

«We will take our children to school today because we do not want their absenteeism»