When going back to school is torture: The importance of raising awareness about bullying in the classroom

The return to the classroom should be a reason for joy for all children and young people, however, for some it is a real martyrdom. The cases of bullying continue to increase and to prevent extreme cases such as the suicide of some victims unable to deal with bullying, schools must promote awareness in order to avoid this problem.

A few days ago, social networks echoed a video in which a child appeared sitting in the middle of a pavilion. It was his birthday and the little one, who was in a summer camp organized by the school CEIP Es Puig de Lloseta, in his desire to share the joy of his anniversary with the rest of his classmates, he brought a cake. Nevertheless, the surprise was not pleasant.

In the video released by his brother, you can hear how his colleagues insult him with epithets such as “Fat” either “seal” and, what’s more, it’s not the first time that Izan —the boy’s name— has been subjected to harassment, but since He began his studies at school and endures the harassment of the rest of his classmates.. When the little boy got home, he began to cry and said that he “did not want to live anymore.” An unfortunately recurring phrase in children and young people affected by bullying.

Izan’s case is not unique in Spanish schools and institutes. With a view to the start of a new school year, the prevention associations against bullying sue educational institutions that do not ignore bullying.

The start of the school year, a “martyrdom” for many children

The start of a new school year brings joy to many children and young people who meet up with their classmates and their teachers to tackle a new course. For others, however, going back to school is real torture.

For victims of bullying, going back to school means meet their tormentors again and face the humiliation, insults or harassment. The bullying it has become a practice that has increased notably in recent years.

Generally, bullying begins as a joke, which prevents the victim from giving it the importance it deserves, to later reach the physical aggression or psychological abuse.

Image of a student.

Many children find themselves helpless when they return to the classroom. It has been verified that the profile of the victim corresponds to a person with some physical defect or what excels in a discipline, a fact that can generate envy. Also, it tends to have a withdrawn personalitymaking it an easy target for attackers.

Educational centers and parents: keys against bullying

In the fight against bullying, the commitment of educational institutions comes into play. The awareness work It is key and from schools or institutes it is unfeasible to look the other way if they are aware of a case of bullying. In addition, currently aggressors not only exercise their “authority” in the classroombut they also do through social networks. It is the so-called cyberbullyingwhich is also on the rise.

Pilar Alegría, the minister who lowered the tension at school but avoided defending Spanish in Catalonia | Spain

Pilar Alegría, Minister of Education.

Given the increase in cases of bullying In the school environment, the Government proposed to implement the figure of a wellness coordinatorkey in the guarantee of security in the centers and prevention of bullying. People who can work as a welfare coordinator are teachers, pedagogues, psychologists, social workers or social educators.

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Teachers should carry out activities based on the good coexistencethe respectthe empathy and, above all, raise awareness of how alarming bullying suffered by another classmate can be.

In addition to the role of schools, families should also be aware of bullying. Both the parents of the victims and the aggressors, since on numerous occasions, the family nucleus of the harasser is the main factor for him to exercise intimidation to other classmates at school.

The role of parents in the fight against bullying – Mommies and babies

Child with his mother.

Generally, victims do not usually show the signs of aggression in their home, either because embarrassment or fear of retaliation that they can take against them. Therefore, the role of parents is essential to to identify if your child is a victim of bullying.

From school, in addition to carrying out activities and giving talks to students, it is necessary to raise awareness among parents. If families observe that their children suffer changes in their behavior, are reluctant to go to class or show signs of nervousnessthe educational center must be alerted so that it implements the protocol against bullying.

When going back to school is torture: The importance of raising awareness about bullying in the classroom