Where are the works at the Saint

It has been a while now – two or three years – since the multipurpose room between the elementary and nursery schools was closed after the observation of large cracks weakening its structure and a door that no longer closed, certainly due to ground movements and the presence of a hedge of trees along the building. All subject to water infiltration. As a security measure, the town hall had issued an order prohibiting access to the room, whether for school, extracurricular or associative activities, which is also used for outdoor leisure, such as yoga, theater workshops… had been requested concerning the building, but also one of the adjoining bathrooms for the kindergartens and the management office. It is therefore this entire volume, which connects the historic building of the elementary school and the more recent one of the nursery school, which was completely destroyed. “The demolition was done during the All Saints holidays for the least possible nuisance. In February, it will be the uprooting of the trees that we unfortunately cannot keep and which will be replaced by a sidewalk” specify the mayor Jean-Michel Folch, former director of the school and his new replacement Marlène Lopez. Instead, a courtyard measuring 13 by 12 meters will be built, closed on both sides, with sliding panels to protect from the wind, as for the hall on the foyer square: “The architect (Virginie Trably) proposed to the teaching team to participate in the project by integrating patterns made by the children, which will be laser cut into the metal panels”explain the mayor and the director. “This space will be accessible from the elementary and kindergarten courtyards. There will also be waterproofing of the historic building, a new toilet block and an office for the management”. The construction itself can be done during school hours and the reception of the work is expected before the start of the 2023-2024 school year.

It should be noted that in parallel with this major project, the two schools were equipped with reversible air conditioning, as were the canteen and the leisure reception: “The municipality had plans to remove the old oil boiler to limit the use of fossil fuels” says the mayor. A project carried out thanks to aid from the government’s Plan France Relance, which aimed to boost the economy after the health crisis, while accelerating the ecological transition: “The air conditioning will allow better comfort for users in summer and winter and savings, even if they will be less given the context of energy increases”, continues the chosen one.

In the future, better insulation of the premises is planned and the windows of the kindergartens will be changed: “We are awaiting delivery. At the moment, it’s complicated for supplies”. Finally, the lawn in the school sports area should be resown in the spring: “Between the drought and the water restrictions, she suffered enormously”.

Where are the works at the Saint-André-de-Roquelongue school?