Work school but in Andalusia, as many as 24 young people from the area left

Twenty-four guys of the leather district and the Empolese Valdelsa had the opportunity to spend two weeks in Andalusia to face a period of school-work alternation totally supported with European funds. The project involving students attending the two-year and three-year IeFP courses managed by the Forium training agency in the Santa Croce sull’Arno and Empoli offices concluded in recent days.

IeFP is an alternative path to traditional high school for under 18s, particularly aimed at vocational training, financially supported with resources from the Tuscany Region. Thanks to the MEET project, the students, chosen on a voluntary basis and through an internal tender, were able to spend a period in Spain in Cordoba, where companies operating in the sectors studied by the students hosted them for a period of work. During the days, the students carried out other educational activities, including historical and cultural excursions both in the host city and in Seville. Forium was able to implement this action thanks to the partnership with Europe Connexion Academy, an Andalusian agency whose support for the on-site organization of the internships proved to be fundamental. All the students were accompanied to Spain by tutors from the Forium agency, people who support the students in their teaching activities during the school year and therefore already have direct daily contact.

The last student who participated in the project, who returned to Italy just before Christmas, is called Victory Garnet and attends the two-year Green team course in Empoli, intended to qualify agricultural operators. Tutor Luisa Bartolini and ed she was the only one of the 24 students to face this adventure alone, going to spend a period of internship on a farm. The other boys were instead divided into three groups and flew to Andalusia between June and September. Previously, Forium also organized a “zero expedition” in which tutors and other agency staff took part to carry out a “job shadowing” period: essentially, it was a question of going to see the companies in person who had joined the project and see the places where the students would then go, so as not to have any surprises and guarantee them a truly educational experience.

They participated, for the beautician course in charge of Santa Croce sull’Arno Jessica Ingoglia, Chiara Langone, Grace Mariani, Alessia Mariconda, Desiree Novelli, Carolina Pintarelli, Gaia Ricci and Desire Trevisoaccompanied by Alice Giannini, Rebecca Galletti, Sandra Bonistalli and Marco Rotonda. A delegation made up of the boys of the MEGA courses of Santa Croce sull’Arno left Francesco Ferzola, Michele Granato, Matteo Karol Rammairone, Alessio Morena, Stefano Valori, as well as Leonardo Nasca and Mattia Loguercio accompanied by Sara Marcheschi and Rebecca Galletti.

Finally the third group consisted of Fabio Xheka of the MEGA route together with Denise Arnone, Leonardo Pusceddu, Flavius ​​Gainaru, Aymen Handar, Marsilda Xheka, Shazije Merdita and Anass Sediqi of GUSTO of Santa Croce sull’Arno (biennial in the kitchen sector, leader of the Forum), followed by tutors Laura Biondi, Laura Benedet, Cinzia Mastromarino and Eleonora Ciampelli. The job shadowing period involved Alice Giannini, Sara Marcheschi, Laura Biondi, Esmeralda Giampaoli, Sandra Bonistalli and Marco Rotonda, coordinated by Cinzia Mastromarino.

Work school but in Andalusia, as many as 24 young people from the area left – IlCuoioInDiretta