World Day of Kindness, the school makes students more altruistic: the wish of Giannelli (NPC) collides with reality

Spreading kindness to make the world a better place: it is the spirit with which it was established 24 years ago World Day of Kindness: the initiative is from World Kindness Movementa non-profit organization that has chosen the November 13 as an anniversary, after the first conference in Tokyo took place in 1997, with solidarity societies from all over the world. The mission of the Day is to “inspire individuals towards one greater kindness and connect nations to create a kinder world ”. In Italy there are four active projects, all with young people involved.

The school is close to the frail

Therefore, the school must also play its part. “Today’s celebration of the Day of Kindness invites us to reflect on our attitude, our attitudes and our relationships with other people,” he said. Antonello Giannelli, national president of the Anp.

“It is a reflection that we, people of school, can never forget because we work with growing children and young people who, in the years they spend with us, have to face and overcome many weaknesses”.

Giannelli believes that the school has “the specific task” of young people “to accompany them on this path of life and to help them structure themselves as people”.

“If we can to make our students kinder and more attentive to others we will be able to say that we have done our part to make the world better ”, concluded the leader of the first deans’ union.

A wish, that of Giannelli, which does not always find correspondence in reality: on the contrary, in recent years by a growing number of pupils and students there has been a minimal respect for peers and teachers, with individualism (and not infrequently the rudeness) instead more and more prevalent.

Red Cross volunteers throughout Italy

The Day of Kindness also focused on Italian Red Crossarguing that “it is a friendly voice, a concrete support and a sure help that” we guarantee “every day through the public utility number 1520 and the commitment of volunteers throughout Italy“.

On this occasion, the project “CRI for People – The time of kindness” was relaunched, created with the contribution of the Ministry of Labor and Social Policies. The project includes a series of activities in favor of the most vulnerable people to counteract involuntary loneliness, fragility and promote social inclusion paths through small and daily practices of kindness.

For this purpose, telephone psychological support, telemedicine and telecompagnia have been activated, a medical desk capable of providing information and guidance to services in the area and an assistance service for the deaf.

Rocca: ‘The Time of Kindness’ does not stop

“In 2020 the whole world has stopped. Social distancing, loneliness. Still, there are those who have faced all this – he said Francesco Rocca, president of the Italian Red Cross – hour after hour, day after day, dedicating oneself to others, always with kindness: I speak of our health workers and volunteers on the front line in the fight against Covid-19. They held the hand of patients in biocontainment ambulances. They supported the sick in health facilities and knocked on the doors of those who were alone. They made sure that no one was abandoned to their fears. And that’s all they keep doing, on a daily basis.

“‘The Time of Kindness’ born during the pandemic, does not stop”, the president pointed out.

“Today more than ever it is necessary to give concrete answers to the new forms of poverty and all those fragilities resulting from the socio-economic consequences of the virus”, concluded Rocca.

World Day of Kindness, the school makes students more altruistic: the wish of Giannelli (NPC) collides with reality