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“While schools (schools, colleges and high schools) are at the heart of the learning of “knowledge”, the fact remains that the “know-how” that we only encounter in our territories does not never arrive in classrooms. Our entire school system is mobilized for the acquisition of the Bac.

This diploma, over time, has become the totem of success both for teachers who see their skills recognized by the number of students to whom this Grail is granted, and for parents and their children who, by not obtaining it , will become “those who are nothing” on the station platforms. Because our educational system, apart from this fabulous diploma, is totally involved in this factory of “those who are nothing” in the eyes of all those who come out of this diploma machine with nothing. […]

Our schools, over time, have become cloisters sheltered from everything that constitutes the economic, social and professional life of our country and more precisely of the territories that surround them. It is useless to attempt to modify curricula, teaching methods, assessment, teacher training, without beginning by recognizing new responsibilities for establishments. […]

Your article highlights this philosophy of defiance in the face of any reform. The teachers, behind their trade union organizations, throw in bulk on the public square of the pupils thrown in the pasture to the bosses who would exploit them if they became interveners in the establishments, a two-speed school, the death of the republican school, etc

At the same time, the system that produces failure and does not want to take it on calls for ever more means, because, of course, the lack of means creates failure. On the other hand, the large number of students who, out of boredom or contempt, desert the school system never seem to be taken into account since the factory of the future bachelor only takes care of those who agree to be trained for this.

The Nièvre Departmental Council seems to have grasped Emmanuel Macron’s desire for this “school of the future” to be built through its call for projects around the “college of tomorrow”. At a time when practically all sectors of economic life are struggling to recruit, at a time when our territories are seeing the departure of professions, companies and the skills necessary for our daily life, it is time to better prepare young people . »

Jacques Toustou

The picture of the week

The sunset combines harmoniously with the reflections on the water: to be mistaken to find common sense! Fortunately, the foreground allows you not to be fooled by this trap. This shot was taken in Cercy-la-Tour, where the Canal du Nivernais joins the River Aron to form the body of water retained by the dam (in the background of the image).

Jean-Marc Gillier

Poet’s Corner

“Everything is going very well, Madame la Marquise! »

Speculators will no longer be able to raise prices.
Farmers will stop poisoning the planet with phytosanitary products.
Birds, insects and other animals will stop disappearing.
The planet will stop warming.
The super-rich will normally pay taxes based on their income and wealth.
The number of poor people who need help with food, shelter and medical care will decrease.
Everyone can choose how they want to die.
We will get out of the liberal system (free and undistorted competition) which impoverishes the greatest number of humans all over the world.
However, we must tell you: these are dreams that will not come true and our President will elegantly twist us.

Yves Lejault

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We posted a poll on our Twitter account (@lejdc_fr) this week: “November is Male Cancer Awareness Month. A challenge is launched to the men so that they let grow the mustache in solidarity. Are you going to participate in it?” Responses: 27% of participants answered “Yes” and 73% answered “No”. Another survey will be online on Monday!

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