12th Festival of Brilliant Amateur Theater “Colli Aniene”

Antonio Barcella – November 24, 2022 Sunday 20 November 2022 ended with the awarding of the companies participating in the Brilliant Amateur Theater Festival “Colli Aniene – Rome” – CORTI SOCIAL.We remind you that this year the Festival was organized in two different ways: an initial part online through the Facebook page of the “I … Read more

The night of the 12th is a film about all the women killed by men

29 September 2022 15:51 Very pleasant and captivating, intimate and collective, completely feminist and yet universal because it is devoid of any Manichaeism but rather as full of nuances as it is of atmospheres. IS The night of 12 by the French Dominik Moll who, after being presented at Cannes Premiere along with other important … Read more

The 12th edition of the Sestriere Film Festival


Everything is ready for the 12th edition of the Sestriere Film Festival scheduled at Colle from 30 July to 7 August 2022. The event was officially presented on Thursday 21 July at the National Cinema Museum at the Mole Antonelliana. The Sestriere Film Festival is a unique event organized in the highest cinema hall in … Read more

Pariscience, a free scientific film festival for students from CP to 12th grade, starts in October


Helen Bodi Can you present the Parisscience festival? Pariscience is the international science film festival, organized by the Science and Television Association – AST. This year we are organizing its 18e edition, which will take place in two stages: a first stage dedicated to schoolchildren from October 13 to 21, then a second stage devoted … Read more

Intel vPro news with 12th generation Intel Core CPUs, explained by Intel


Intel vPro the platform for the management of computers in the company developed by Intel and appreciated for its ability to manage devices remotely centrally and for cutting-edge security. With the twelfth generation of the Intel Core processorsvPro also underwent a renewal and the introduction of several new features. We talked about it in … Read more