Teaching | A major in “Agriculture & Food engineering” at the ESILV engineering school at the start of the 2023 academic year

L’ESILV is a general engineering school at the heart of digital technologies based in Paris La Défense which opened a new campus in Nantes in September 2022. It has long been called “ College Pasqua in reference to its creator. Aware of the importance of the agricultural sector and the new technologies that accompany it, … Read more

BUAP University Council approves academic calendars for 2023

In accordance with university regulations, the Honorable University Council approved the First Work Report of the Chancellor Maria Lilia Cedillo Ramirezas well as the official calendar of school activities 2023 for a better use in the organization of substantive activities of the institution, five new postgraduate courses and the calls to designate the Defender of … Read more

The educational offer of the future has been redesigned: The Provincial Council has approved the plan for the academic year 2023


Palazzo Granducale, seat of the Province of Livorno – Photo Wikipedia LIVORNO – The Provincial Council, meeting on 22 November in Palazzo Granducale, approved the resolution approving the new Plan for the dimensioning of the school network and the training offer in the area. The document is made up of the part relating to the … Read more

The Sagunto City Council presents the Alternatura to School program for the 2022/2023 academic year


The Department of Physical Activity, Health and Sports has presented this morning the new Alternatura a la Escuela program, an inclusive project aimed at all schools in the municipality of Sagunto, which aims to promote the practice of physical activity through knowledge of the mountain, as well as the care and respect for it and … Read more

The ‘key’ between family and school, to educate, makes a difference in the academic results of children and young people


The pandemic, among many things, showed us the importance of families in education and, in most cases, how little involved they were with their daughters and sons’ school. Although this had to change due to the need of the moment, the truth is that today we have the opportunity not to lose that approach.; it … Read more

Rende, Santo Stefano school. the Municipality specifies: “Academic continuity ensured”


COSENZA – With respect to the position held by the minority forces in the City Council, who left the Chamber in order not to vote on the items on the agenda relating to accounting documents of vital importance for the Body, the majority leaders Francesco Alimena of the PD, Ivan Commodaro of Franz Caruso Mayor, … Read more

More internships and fewer courses? The vocational school is worried about a new reform which “gives up academic ambition”


At the end of the second, Melvin didn’t have much choice. “I was told: ‘Either you continue with a transport baccalaureate, or you stop high school’”, says the 20-year-old. He wanted to go into the trade sector. Disappointed, he nevertheless continued his training until the diploma. Today, he combines several jobs as a server and … Read more

Children who watch violent TV shows will experience social and academic performance problems as teenagers. I study


Repeated exposure to violent and aggressive TV programs during preschool has repercussions on the psyche of adolescents, as shown by this Canadian study @ dekazigzag / 123rf Young children, when exposed to violent and aggressive television programs, can experience severe psychological distress during adolescence and adulthood. This is what emerges from a study conducted by … Read more

Mozart, Haydn and Tchaikovsky: the Ghedini Conservatory of Cuneo inaugurates the academic year with the orchestra


Wednesday 23 November 2022 at 9 pm the inauguration concert of the academic year 2022-2023 of the Ghedini Conservatory of Cuneo is held at the Toselli Theater in Cuneo (via Teatro Toselli 9). The musical event is organized with the collaboration of the City of Cuneo and the Ministry of Education – Regional School Office … Read more

Augusta | Uniting between humanity and culture: the academic year inaugurated


A very rich program, seasoned with workshops, convivial moments, trips, various initiatives and anything else that can bring out the best of the no longer young people. All this is also repeated in the recently inaugurated Unitre academic year, in the lecture hall of the “Arangio Ruiz” where the lectures presented by the board will … Read more