So you can configure the local network from scratch in a school or academy

The correct configuration of the local network in a school or in an academy is essential, not only to have access to the Internet and local resources, but also to avoid security problems regarding intrusions, both external and from within the network itself. local. It is very important to have a global vision of all … Read more

Yamaha Music Academy. Open day, repeated on Sunday

Emanuele Ventriglia -After last Sunday’s Open Day, the Yamaha Music Academy repeats. The appointment is for Sunday 25 September (via Napoli 8 – 0823/422193) at the headquarters of San Nicola la Strada. The director of the Academy Mena Santacroce recalls: «We will be open from 10 to 13 and from 16 to 20 for free … Read more

With confidentiality agreements: What is Kanye West’s Donda Academy like?


In the music industry, it is undeniable that kanye-west He is one of the most recognized figures of the new millennium. As part of showbiz worldwide, we know him for his various controversies and controversial statements. And now, the rapper is venturing fully into the educational sector. Ye -as the artist is also known- is … Read more

Eco.Build Academy is born in Bergamo: partnership between Scuola Edile and Calcestruzzi


He was born in Bergamo Academy, a path of information and training initiatives aimed at students, companies and professionals in the construction sector, on the subject of concrete and all new technologies. The memorandum of understanding was signed between the Bergamo Building School and Calcestruzzi (Italcementi group). The activity will focus on sustainable materials … Read more

The Stormshield Academy announces three new school partnerships for the start of the school year


Stormshield strengthens the presence of the Stormshield Academy with the signing of three new academic partnerships. Many establishments wish to professionalize their students so that they best respond to the demands of a tight cybersecurity market, in constant search for operational talent. Integrating training modules that allow learners to have a practical vision of the … Read more

Star Academy 2022: Guillaume Mélanie asked to become a theater teacher… but already fired


Guillaume Mélanie is not well known to the general public but he was about to inflate his popularity. The director had been asked to become the new Star Academy theater teacher on TF1, before the production changed its mind for a very specific reason. The castle of Dammarie-les-Lys will soon reopen its doors. The star … Read more

EDUCATION: A school nurse challenges the rector of the Dijon academy


On August 31, the rector took the pulse of the educational team at the Étienne-Jules Marey high school in Beaune. A school nurse insisted on the psychological state of the pupils and the difficulties in supporting them: “I don’t count my overtime”. Marie-Line Voredini hardly relishes the gaze of the lenses of cameras and cameras. … Read more

A rural return for the academy inspector


the essential For his 2022-2023 return, the academy inspector Patrice Lemoine chose the school of Cancon and the college of Castillonnès. A desire on his part to highlight the schools in the rural areas of the department. No Agen, Villeneuve-sur-Lot, Nérac or Marmande this year for the return of the Lot-et-Garonne academy inspector. On September … Read more

Back to school 2022: around fifty teachers are still missing in the Besançon academy


The rector of the Besançon academy Nathalie Albert-Moretti gave an update on the start of the school year. In the departments of Doubs, Haute-Saône, Jura and the Territoire de Belfort, the shortage of teachers is less than at the national level. On the benches of schools, they announce themselves absent. 0.7% jobs are to be … Read more

Jenifer: her great regret years after her participation in the Star Academy!


When Star Academy arrives on TF1 screens, viewers don’t know what to expect. The show is new. Young candidates find themselves in a school where they learn the profession of singer through various courses. Every weekend they show off their progress at a prime. Season 1 was won by Jenifer, who has had a brilliant … Read more