The City of Marseille is taking action for schools and launching the 2023 projects | City of Marseilles

More than ever committed to restoring territorial equity and guaranteeing dignified learning conditions for schoolchildren, the City of Marseille launches the 2023 school renovation projects. Priority of the municipal majority, the renovation plan for the 470 schools in Marseille, launched in October 2021, continues in 2023, with the aim of renovating or creating 174 schools. … Read more

The Bishopric sells the Virgen de la Chanca school within the action plan to face the million

The Bishopric of Almería has formalized the sale of the ‘Virgen de la Chanca’ private concerted school in the capital to the Congregation of the Marianist Fathers, which has managed it for several decades within the framework of the Action Plan designed to deal with the debt of 28.6 million euros that will keep its … Read more

“Collective action, engine of change”: ASA proposes four cinematographic solidarity trips

AAragonesa Solidarity Action (ASA) continues to transmit hope, after 38 film cycles, with a selection of films with other people’s stories, which are not ours but which open windows to what is different, to feel from other hearts, other lives. They have selected four films that have a lot to do with all the possibilities … Read more

Trecase, solidarity does not go on vacation. Volunteers in action in the Parish of Sant’Antonio in Padua

Solidarity 365 days a year, not just during the Christmas holidays. This is what happens in Trecase, at the Parish of Sant’Antonio in Padua, today led by Don Francesco Pinto. Every Friday over 100 volunteers take turns in 10 groups and put themselves at the service of the least. “We gather on Fridays in the … Read more

Valmadrera. Contrasting intimidating acts and drug dealing: define the lines of action


Methods of use of resources approved by the Giunta All actions will be financed by the National Fund and will involve the involvement of schools and associations in the area VALMADRERA – Approved a Valmadrerain the Town Council, the guidelines for using the resources of the National Fund for the contrasting acts of intimidation against … Read more

Welcome Live Action: December’s streaming news (28

Have the curiosity to see some Japanese drama or film… but don’t know how or where to find the subtitles in Italian. Relaxing for a moment on the sofa with the desire to watch something on TV, having all possible streaming platforms at your disposal… without even knowing exactly what you are looking for, really. … Read more

Next Stop Live Action: My Happy Marriage, Alice in Borderland 2 and Boys’ Love

With the autumn season already underway, here we are to tidy up a bit, collecting below the trailers released in recent days, also relating to the films that will soon arrive in Japanese cinemas. In the gallery you will also find the new posters released. Ameiro Paradox – journalist, investigation, boys’ love, comedy, sentimental – … Read more

Education: Pap Ndiaye unveils his action plan to reform schools


In a column published in the press this Thursday, December 22, the Minister of Education Pap Ndiaye indicated his priorities for effectively reforming the French education system from 2023. A road map made up of major construction sites. In a column entitled “Why we must reform the school” and published in The world this Thursday, … Read more

Making movies with students, here’s how: functions, coordination of staff, operational roles and students at the center of educational action

In order for such a complex and at the same time unstable system, such as the school system, to function, a control room is needed, normally coordinated by school managers and supported by a heterogeneous staff made up of professionals and experts in education, training, research and the world of work who in unison work … Read more