Scientists discover how theater influences the education of adolescents

Scientists from the Moscow State Psychological and Pedagogical University (MSUPE) demonstrated that school theater can be an effective means of teaching and education, as well as contribute to the development of metadisciplinary competencies in adolescent students. The results of the study are published in the journal Psikhologuícheskaya naúka i obrazovániye. The MSUPE experts highlighted that … Read more

School phobia in adolescents: we take stock

With Stephan Valentin, doctor in psychology and author of “School phobia – Understanding to act” (Enrick B Editions) Phobia or school refusal: definition Before looking specifically at the school phobia in adolescence, it is good to dwell on the term used and what it designates. The most recognized definition of school refusal is that of … Read more

San Martín participated in the IX World Congress for the Rights of Children and Adolescents


Mayor Fernando Moreira presented local policies during a seminar coordinated by Unicef, which chose the city among 21 Buenos Aires municipalities that are part of the MUNA initiative. The Municipality of San Martín participated in the IX World Congress for the Rights of Children and Adolescents in Córdoba, which took place from November 16 to … Read more

Neither mathematics nor computer science: what is the subject that according to adolescents would be key to learning for their future?


A work investigates among boys from 14 to 19 years old how they use money and what knowledge they have about money management. In a country marked by inflation Y the dollar70% of adolescents believe that the most relevant subject for your future that I could receive at school is, precisely, financial education. How to … Read more

“We feel insecure”: Girls, boys and adolescents raise their voices in an alternate report for the Children’s Rights Committee


Within the framework of the 33rd anniversary of the Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC), the #PorTusDerechos Committee, made up of 10 children and adolescents from 6 different entities, prepared the Alternative Report on the Rights of children and adolescents. This Report will be delivered to the Committee on the Rights of the … Read more

INE Guerrero holds Workshops to analyze the results of the 2021 Children and Youth Consultation with children and adolescents


In follow-up to the seventh phase of the Operational Plan of the Children and Youth Consultation 2021 (CIJ) regarding the systematization, socialization and articulation of agendas derived from the results, the Local Executive Board of the National Electoral Institute in Guerrero, through the Vocal of Electoral Training and Civic Education, teacher Esteba Rafael González Vargas, … Read more

The NGO that plays for the education of children and adolescents on the border


​​Some 42,921 people, including children, adolescents, mothers, fathers and caregivers, leaders and leaders have benefited from the programs to promote school environments of the NGO Save the Children to the population in vulnerable conditions in the departments of border between Colombia and Venezuela. “The World is my Home” was a strategy that promoted safe, quality … Read more

In the DR: 64% of children and adolescents between 1 and 14 years old have suffered physical or psychological violence from their caregivers


SANTO DOMINGO,.- From the age of one, children and adolescents in Latin America and the Caribbean are at risk of violence at home, at school and on the street, reveals a new regional report from UNICEF, called “A statistical profile of violence against children and adolescents in Latin America and the Caribbean”, in which it … Read more

SSG corroborates in survey increase in drug addiction in adolescents in Guanajuato


Through the surveysta ‘Youth and Wellbeing 2022’, official data was obtained from 1 thousand 62 studiesbefore high school Daniel Moreno Guanajuato.- The ‘Youth and Welfare 2022’ survey revealed that adolescents begin their consumption of harmful substances from the age of 13 or even during their childhood. This may occur due to the need of young … Read more